Chapter 7. Libraries

7.1. Interfaces for libcups

Table 7-1 defines the library name and shared object name for the libcups library

Table 7-1. libcups Definition


The behavior of the interfaces in this library is specified by the following specifications:

[CUPS 1.2] CUPS API Reference
[LSB] This Specification

7.1.1. CUPS Convenience ABI Interfaces for CUPS Convenience ABI

An LSB conforming implementation shall provide the generic functions for CUPS Convenience ABI specified in Table 7-2, with the full mandatory functionality as described in the referenced underlying specification.

Table 7-2. libcups - CUPS Convenience ABI Function Interfaces

cupsAddDest [LSB]cupsAddOption [LSB]cupsCancelJob [LSB]cupsDoAuthentication [CUPS 1.2]
cupsDoFileRequest [CUPS 1.2]cupsEncodeOptions [CUPS 1.2]cupsEncryption [LSB]cupsFreeDests [LSB]
cupsFreeJobs [LSB]cupsFreeOptions [LSB]cupsGetDefault [LSB]cupsGetDefault2 [CUPS 1.2]
cupsGetDest [LSB]cupsGetDests [LSB]cupsGetDests2 [CUPS 1.2]cupsGetFd [CUPS 1.2]
cupsGetFile [CUPS 1.2]cupsGetJobs [LSB]cupsGetJobs2 [CUPS 1.2]cupsGetOption [LSB]
cupsGetPPD [LSB]cupsGetPPD2 [CUPS 1.2]cupsGetPassword [LSB]cupsLangEncoding [LSB]
cupsLangFlush [LSB]cupsLangFree [LSB]cupsLangGet [LSB]cupsLastError [LSB]
cupsMarkOptions [LSB]cupsParseOptions [LSB]cupsPrintFile [LSB]cupsPrintFile2 [CUPS 1.2]
cupsPrintFiles [LSB]cupsPrintFiles2 [CUPS 1.2]cupsPutFd [CUPS 1.2]cupsPutFile [CUPS 1.2]
cupsServer [LSB]cupsSetDests [LSB]cupsSetDests2 [CUPS 1.2]cupsSetEncryption [LSB]
cupsSetPasswordCB [LSB]cupsSetServer [LSB]cupsSetUser [LSB]cupsTempFd [LSB]
cupsUser [LSB]httpBlocking [CUPS 1.2]httpCheck [CUPS 1.2]httpClearCookie [CUPS 1.2]
httpClearFields [CUPS 1.2]httpClose [CUPS 1.2]httpConnect [CUPS 1.2]httpConnectEncrypt [CUPS 1.2]
httpDecode64_2 [CUPS 1.2]httpDelete [CUPS 1.2]httpEncode64_2 [CUPS 1.2]httpEncryption [CUPS 1.2]
httpError [CUPS 1.2]httpFlush [CUPS 1.2]httpGet [CUPS 1.2]httpGetCookie [CUPS 1.2]
httpGetDateString [CUPS 1.2]httpGetDateTime [CUPS 1.2]httpGetField [CUPS 1.2]httpGetHostByName [CUPS 1.2]
httpGetSubField [CUPS 1.2]httpGets [CUPS 1.2]httpHead [CUPS 1.2]httpInitialize [CUPS 1.2]
httpMD5 [CUPS 1.2]httpMD5Final [CUPS 1.2]httpMD5String [CUPS 1.2]httpOptions [CUPS 1.2]
httpPost [CUPS 1.2]httpPut [CUPS 1.2]httpReconnect [CUPS 1.2]httpSetCookie [CUPS 1.2]
httpSetField [CUPS 1.2]httpStatus [CUPS 1.2]httpTrace [CUPS 1.2]httpUpdate [CUPS 1.2]
httpWait [CUPS 1.2]ippAddBoolean [CUPS 1.2]ippAddBooleans [CUPS 1.2]ippAddCollection [CUPS 1.2]
ippAddCollections [CUPS 1.2]ippAddDate [CUPS 1.2]ippAddInteger [CUPS 1.2]ippAddIntegers [CUPS 1.2]
ippAddRange [CUPS 1.2]ippAddRanges [CUPS 1.2]ippAddResolution [CUPS 1.2]ippAddResolutions [CUPS 1.2]
ippAddSeparator [CUPS 1.2]ippAddString [CUPS 1.2]ippAddStrings [CUPS 1.2]ippDateToTime [CUPS 1.2]
ippDelete [CUPS 1.2]ippDeleteAttribute [CUPS 1.2]ippErrorString [CUPS 1.2]ippFindAttribute [CUPS 1.2]
ippFindNextAttribute [CUPS 1.2]ippLength [CUPS 1.2]ippNew [CUPS 1.2]ippPort [CUPS 1.2]
ippRead [CUPS 1.2]ippReadFile [CUPS 1.2]ippSetPort [CUPS 1.2]ippTimeToDate [CUPS 1.2]
ippWrite [CUPS 1.2]ippWriteFile [CUPS 1.2]ppdClose [LSB]ppdCollect [LSB]
ppdConflicts [LSB]ppdEmit [LSB]ppdEmitFd [LSB]ppdEmitJCL [LSB]
ppdErrorString [LSB]ppdFindAttr [LSB]ppdFindChoice [LSB]ppdFindMarkedChoice [LSB]
ppdFindNextAttr [LSB]ppdFindOption [LSB]ppdIsMarked [LSB]ppdLastError [LSB]
ppdMarkDefaults [LSB]ppdMarkOption [LSB]ppdOpen [LSB]ppdOpenFd [LSB]
ppdOpenFile [LSB]ppdPageLength [LSB]ppdPageSize [LSB]ppdPageWidth [LSB]
ppdSetConformance [LSB]