II. LSB Printing Libraries

Table of Contents
7. Libraries
7.1. Interfaces for libcups
7.1.1. CUPS Convenience ABI
7.2. Data Definitions for libcups
7.2.1. cups/cups.h
7.2.2. cups/http.h
7.2.3. cups/ipp.h
7.2.4. cups/ppd.h
7.3. Interface Definitions for libcups
cupsAddDest -- Add a destination to the list of destinations.
cupsAddOption -- Add an option to an option array.
cupsCancelJob -- Cancel a print job on the default server.
cupsEncryption -- Get the default encryption settings.
cupsFreeDests -- Free the memory used by the list of destinations.
cupsFreeJobs -- Free memory used by job data.
cupsFreeOptions -- Free all memory used by options.
cupsGetDefault -- Get the default printer or class for the default server.
cupsGetDest -- Get the named destination from the list.
cupsGetDests -- Get the list of destinations from the default server.
cupsGetJobs -- Get the jobs from the default server.
cupsGetOption -- Get an option value.
cupsGetPPD -- Get the PPD file for a printer on the default server.
cupsGetPassword -- Get a password from the user.
cupsLangEncoding -- Return the character encoding (us-ascii, etc.)
cupsLangFlush -- Flush all language data out of the cache.
cupsLangFree -- Free language data.
cupsLangGet -- Get a language.
cupsLastError -- Return the last IPP status code.
cupsMarkOptions -- Mark command-line options in a PPD file.
cupsParseOptions -- Parse options from a command-line argument.
cupsPrintFile -- Print a file to a printer or class on the default server.
cupsPrintFiles -- Print one or more files to a printer or class on the
cupsServer -- Return the hostname/address of the default server.
cupsSetDests -- Save the list of destinations for the default server.
cupsSetEncryption -- Set the encryption preference.
cupsSetPasswordCB -- Set the password callback for CUPS.
cupsSetServer -- Set the default server name.
cupsSetUser -- Set the default user name.
cupsTempFd -- Creates a temporary file.
cupsUser -- Return the current user's name.
ppdClose -- Free all memory used by the PPD file.
ppdCollect -- Collect all marked options that reside in the specified
ppdConflicts -- Check to see if there are any conflicts.
ppdEmit -- Emit code for marked options to a file.
ppdEmitFd -- Emit code for marked options to a file.
ppdEmitJCL -- Emit code for JCL options to a file.
ppdErrorString -- Returns the text assocated with a status.
ppdFindAttr -- Find the first matching attribute...
ppdFindChoice -- Return a pointer to an option choice.
ppdFindMarkedChoice -- Return the marked choice for the specified option.
ppdFindNextAttr -- Find the next matching attribute...
ppdFindOption -- Return a pointer to the specified option.
ppdIsMarked -- Check to see if an option is marked...
ppdLastError -- Return the status from the last ppdOpen*().
ppdMarkDefaults -- Mark all default options in the PPD file.
ppdMarkOption -- Mark an option in a PPD file.
ppdOpen -- Read a PPD file into memory.
ppdOpenFd -- Read a PPD file into memory.
ppdOpenFile -- Read a PPD file into memory.
ppdPageLength -- Get the page length for the given size.
ppdPageSize -- Get the page size record for the given size.
ppdPageWidth -- Get the page width for the given size.
ppdSetConformance -- Set the conformance level for PPD files.
7.4. Interfaces for libcupsimage
7.4.1. CUPS Raster ABI
7.5. Data Definitions for libcupsimage
7.5.1. cups/raster.h
7.6. Interface Definitions for libcupsimage
cupsRasterClose -- Close a raster stream.
cupsRasterOpen -- Open a raster stream.
cupsRasterReadHeader -- Read a raster page header and store it in a
cupsRasterReadPixels -- Read raster pixels.
cupsRasterWriteHeader -- Write a raster page header from a V1 page
cupsRasterWritePixels -- Write raster pixels.