Chapter 7. Libraries

7.1. Interfaces for libnspr4

Table 7-1 defines the library name and shared object name for the libnspr4 library

Table 7-1. libnspr4 Definition


The behavior of the interfaces in this library is specified by the following specifications:

[NSPR] NSPR Reference

7.1.1. Netscape Portable Runtime Interfaces for Netscape Portable Runtime

An LSB conforming implementation shall provide the generic functions for Netscape Portable Runtime specified in Table 7-2, with the full mandatory functionality as described in the referenced underlying specification.

Table 7-2. libnspr4 - Netscape Portable Runtime Function Interfaces

PR_Accept [NSPR]PR_Bind [NSPR]PR_Cleanup [NSPR]
PR_Close [NSPR]PR_Connect [NSPR]PR_CreateIOLayerStub [NSPR]
PR_EnumerateAddrInfo [NSPR]PR_FreeAddrInfo [NSPR]PR_GetAddrInfoByName [NSPR]
PR_GetDefaultIOMethods [NSPR]PR_GetError [NSPR]PR_GetLayersIdentity [NSPR]
PR_GetSocketOption [NSPR]PR_GetUniqueIdentity [NSPR]PR_ImportTCPSocket [NSPR]
PR_Interrupt [NSPR]PR_Listen [NSPR]PR_MillisecondsToInterval [NSPR]
PR_NetAddrToString [NSPR]PR_Now [NSPR]PR_OpenTCPSocket [NSPR]
PR_OpenUDPSocket [NSPR]PR_Poll [NSPR]PR_PopIOLayer [NSPR]
PR_PushIOLayer [NSPR]PR_Read [NSPR]PR_Recv [NSPR]
PR_RecvFrom [NSPR]PR_SecondsToInterval [NSPR]PR_Send [NSPR]
PR_SendTo [NSPR]PR_SetError [NSPR]PR_SetSocketOption [NSPR]
PR_Shutdown [NSPR]PR_StringToNetAddr [NSPR]PR_Write [NSPR]