Chapter 2. Normative References

The specifications listed below are referenced in whole or in part by the Trial Use Specification. Such references may be normative or informative; a reference to specification shall only be considered normative if it is explicitly cited as such. The Trial Use Specification may make normative references to a portion of these specifications (that is, to define a specific function or group of functions); in such cases, only the explicitly referenced portion of the specification is to be considered normative.

Table 2-1. Informative References

ALSA Library API ReferenceALSA Library API Reference
ISO C (1999)ISO/IEC 9899: 1999, Programming Languages --C
Java application launcher documentationJava application launcher documentation
Java Platform SE 6 APIJava Platform, Standard Edition 6 API Specification
Java VM SpecificationJava Virtual Machine Specification
Mozilla's NSS SSL ReferenceMozilla's NSS SSL Reference
NSPR ReferenceMozilla's NSPR Reference
xdg-utils referencePortland Project XDG Utilities Reference 1.0