6.5. Python Modules

An LSB conforming implementation shall provide the Python modules as described in Table 6-1 with at least the behavior described as mandatory in the referenced underlying specification. Some Python modules may be marked as deprecated, and applications should avoid using these as they may be withdrawn in future releases of this specification.

Table 6-1. Python Modules

array [1]csv [1]imp [1]posix [1]sys [1]
binascii [1]datetime [1]itertools [1]pwd [1]syslog [1]
bisect [1]errno [1]locale [1]random [1]termios [1]
cPickle [1]exceptions [1]marshal [1]re [1]thread [1]
cStringIO [1]fcntl [1]mmap [1]resource [1]time [1]
cmath [1]gc [1]operator [1]select [1]unicodedata [1]
codecs [1]grp [1]os [1]signal [1]weakref [1]
collections [1]heapq [1]ossaudiodev [1]socket [1]zipimport [1]
crypt [1]hotshot [1]parser [1]string [1]zlib [1]

Referenced Specification(s)

[1]. Python Reference Manual