Chapter 7. Libraries

7.1. Interfaces for libGL

Table 7-1 defines the library name and shared object name for the libGL library

Table 7-1. libGL Definition


The behavior of the interfaces in this library is specified by the following specifications:

[GLX] OpenGL Extensions
[OGL 2.1] OpenGL 2.1

7.1.1. GL X interface Interfaces for GL X interface

An LSB conforming implementation shall provide the generic functions for GL X interface specified in Table 7-2, with the full mandatory functionality as described in the referenced underlying specification.

Table 7-2. libGL - GL X interface Function Interfaces

glXChooseFBConfig [GLX]glXChooseVisual [GLX]glXCopyContext [GLX]glXCreateContext [GLX]
glXCreateGLXPixmap [GLX]glXCreateNewContext [GLX]glXCreatePbuffer [GLX]glXCreatePixmap [GLX]
glXCreateWindow [GLX]glXDestroyContext [GLX]glXDestroyGLXPixmap [GLX]glXDestroyPbuffer [GLX]
glXDestroyPixmap [GLX]glXDestroyWindow [GLX]glXFreeContextEXT [GLX]glXGetClientString [GLX]
glXGetConfig [GLX]glXGetContextIDEXT [GLX]glXGetCurrentContext [GLX]glXGetCurrentDisplay [GLX]
glXGetCurrentDrawable [GLX]glXGetCurrentReadDrawable [GLX]glXGetFBConfigAttrib [GLX]glXGetFBConfigs [GLX]
glXGetProcAddress [OGL 2.1]glXGetProcAddressARB [OGL ABI]glXGetSelectedEvent [GLX]glXGetVisualFromFBConfig [GLX]
glXImportContextEXT [GLX]glXIsDirect [GLX]glXMakeContextCurrent [GLX]glXMakeCurrent [GLX]
glXQueryContext [GLX]glXQueryContextInfoEXT [GLX]glXQueryDrawable [GLX]glXQueryExtension [GLX]
glXQueryExtensionsString [GLX]glXQueryServerString [GLX]glXQueryVersion [GLX]glXSelectEvent [GLX]
glXSwapBuffers [GLX]glXUseXFont [GLX]glXWaitGL [GLX]glXWaitX [GLX]

7.1.2. OpenGL Interfaces for OpenGL

An LSB conforming implementation shall provide the generic functions for OpenGL specified in Table 7-3, with the full mandatory functionality as described in the referenced underlying specification.

Table 7-3. libGL - OpenGL Function Interfaces

glAccum [OGL 2.1]glActiveTexture [OGL 2.1]glActiveTextureARB [OGL 2.1]glAlphaFunc [OGL 2.1]
glAreTexturesResident [OGL 2.1]glArrayElement [OGL 2.1]glAttachShader [OGL 2.1]glBegin [OGL 2.1]
glBeginQuery [OGL 2.1]glBindAttribLocation [OGL 2.1]glBindBuffer [OGL 2.1]glBindTexture [OGL 2.1]
glBitmap [OGL 2.1]glBlendColor [OGL 2.1]glBlendEquation [OGL 2.1]glBlendEquationSeparate [OGL 2.1]
glBlendFunc [OGL 2.1]glBlendFuncSeparate [OGL 2.1]glBufferData [OGL 2.1]glBufferSubData [OGL 2.1]
glCallList [OGL 2.1]glCallLists [OGL 2.1]glClear [OGL 2.1]glClearAccum [OGL 2.1]
glClearColor [OGL 2.1]glClearDepth [OGL 2.1]glClearIndex [OGL 2.1]glClearStencil [OGL 2.1]
glClientActiveTexture [OGL 2.1]glClientActiveTextureARB [OGL 2.1]glClipPlane [OGL 2.1]glColor3b [OGL 2.1]
glColor3bv [OGL 2.1]glColor3d [OGL 2.1]glColor3dv [OGL 2.1]glColor3f [OGL 2.1]
glColor3fv [OGL 2.1]glColor3i [OGL 2.1]glColor3iv [OGL 2.1]glColor3s [OGL 2.1]
glColor3sv [OGL 2.1]glColor3ub [OGL 2.1]glColor3ubv [OGL 2.1]glColor3ui [OGL 2.1]
glColor3uiv [OGL 2.1]glColor3us [OGL 2.1]glColor3usv [OGL 2.1]glColor4b [OGL 2.1]
glColor4bv [OGL 2.1]glColor4d [OGL 2.1]glColor4dv [OGL 2.1]glColor4f [OGL 2.1]
glColor4fv [OGL 2.1]glColor4i [OGL 2.1]glColor4iv [OGL 2.1]glColor4s [OGL 2.1]
glColor4sv [OGL 2.1]glColor4ub [OGL 2.1]glColor4ubv [OGL 2.1]glColor4ui [OGL 2.1]
glColor4uiv [OGL 2.1]glColor4us [OGL 2.1]glColor4usv [OGL 2.1]glColorMask [OGL 2.1]
glColorMaterial [OGL 2.1]glColorPointer [OGL 2.1]glColorSubTable [OGL 2.1]glColorTable [OGL 2.1]
glColorTableParameterfv [OGL 2.1]glColorTableParameteriv [OGL 2.1]glCompileShader [OGL 2.1]glCompressedTexImage1D [OGL 2.1]
glCompressedTexImage2D [OGL 2.1]glCompressedTexImage3D [OGL 2.1]glCompressedTexSubImage1D [OGL 2.1]glCompressedTexSubImage2D [OGL 2.1]
glCompressedTexSubImage3D [OGL 2.1]glConvolutionFilter1D [OGL 2.1]glConvolutionFilter2D [OGL 2.1]glConvolutionParameterf [OGL 2.1]
glConvolutionParameterfv [OGL 2.1]glConvolutionParameteri [OGL 2.1]glConvolutionParameteriv [OGL 2.1]glCopyColorSubTable [OGL 2.1]
glCopyColorTable [OGL 2.1]glCopyConvolutionFilter1D [OGL 2.1]glCopyConvolutionFilter2D [OGL 2.1]glCopyPixels [OGL 2.1]
glCopyTexImage1D [OGL 2.1]glCopyTexImage2D [OGL 2.1]glCopyTexSubImage1D [OGL 2.1]glCopyTexSubImage2D [OGL 2.1]
glCopyTexSubImage3D [OGL 2.1]glCreateProgram [OGL 2.1]glCreateShader [OGL 2.1]glCullFace [OGL 2.1]
glDeleteBuffers [OGL 2.1]glDeleteLists [OGL 2.1]glDeleteProgram [OGL 2.1]glDeleteQueries [OGL 2.1]
glDeleteShader [OGL 2.1]glDeleteTextures [OGL 2.1]glDepthFunc [OGL 2.1]glDepthMask [OGL 2.1]
glDepthRange [OGL 2.1]glDetachShader [OGL 2.1]glDisable [OGL 2.1]glDisableClientState [OGL 2.1]
glDisableVertexAttribArray [OGL 2.1]glDrawArrays [OGL 2.1]glDrawBuffer [OGL 2.1]glDrawBuffers [OGL 2.1]
glDrawElements [OGL 2.1]glDrawPixels [OGL 2.1]glDrawRangeElements [OGL 2.1]glEdgeFlag [OGL 2.1]
glEdgeFlagPointer [OGL 2.1]glEdgeFlagv [OGL 2.1]glEnable [OGL 2.1]glEnableClientState [OGL 2.1]
glEnableVertexAttribArray [OGL 2.1]glEnd [OGL 2.1]glEndList [OGL 2.1]glEvalCoord1d [OGL 2.1]
glEvalCoord1dv [OGL 2.1]glEvalCoord1f [OGL 2.1]glEvalCoord1fv [OGL 2.1]glEvalCoord2d [OGL 2.1]
glEvalCoord2dv [OGL 2.1]glEvalCoord2f [OGL 2.1]glEvalCoord2fv [OGL 2.1]glEvalMesh1 [OGL 2.1]
glEvalMesh2 [OGL 2.1]glEvalPoint1 [OGL 2.1]glEvalPoint2 [OGL 2.1]glFeedbackBuffer [OGL 2.1]
glFinish [OGL 2.1]glFlush [OGL 2.1]glFogCoordPointer [OGL 2.1]glFogCoordd [OGL 2.1]
glFogCoorddv [OGL 2.1]glFogCoordf [OGL 2.1]glFogCoordfv [OGL 2.1]glFogf [OGL 2.1]
glFogfv [OGL 2.1]glFogi [OGL 2.1]glFogiv [OGL 2.1]glFrontFace [OGL 2.1]
glFrustum [OGL 2.1]glGenBuffers [OGL 2.1]glGenLists [OGL 2.1]glGenQueries [OGL 2.1]
glGenTextures [OGL 2.1]glGetActiveAttrib [OGL 2.1]glGetActiveUniform [OGL 2.1]glGetAttachedShaders [OGL 2.1]
glGetAttribLocation [OGL 2.1]glGetBooleanv [OGL 2.1]glGetBufferParameteriv [OGL 2.1]glGetBufferPointerv [OGL 2.1]
glGetBufferSubData [OGL 2.1]glGetClipPlane [OGL 2.1]glGetColorTable [OGL 2.1]glGetColorTableParameterfv [OGL 2.1]
glGetColorTableParameteriv [OGL 2.1]glGetCompressedTexImage [OGL 2.1]glGetConvolutionFilter [OGL 2.1]glGetConvolutionParameterfv [OGL 2.1]
glGetConvolutionParameteriv [OGL 2.1]glGetDoublev [OGL 2.1]glGetError [OGL 2.1]glGetFloatv [OGL 2.1]
glGetHistogram [OGL 2.1]glGetHistogramParameterfv [OGL 2.1]glGetHistogramParameteriv [OGL 2.1]glGetIntegerv [OGL 2.1]
glGetLightfv [OGL 2.1]glGetLightiv [OGL 2.1]glGetMapdv [OGL 2.1]glGetMapfv [OGL 2.1]
glGetMapiv [OGL 2.1]glGetMaterialfv [OGL 2.1]glGetMaterialiv [OGL 2.1]glGetMinmax [OGL 2.1]
glGetMinmaxParameterfv [OGL 2.1]glGetMinmaxParameteriv [OGL 2.1]glGetPixelMapfv [OGL 2.1]glGetPixelMapuiv [OGL 2.1]
glGetPixelMapusv [OGL 2.1]glGetPointerv [OGL 2.1]glGetPolygonStipple [OGL 2.1]glGetProgramInfoLog [OGL 2.1]
glGetProgramiv [OGL 2.1]glGetQueryObjectiv [OGL 2.1]glGetQueryObjectuiv [OGL 2.1]glGetQueryiv [OGL 2.1]
glGetSeparableFilter [OGL 2.1]glGetShaderInfoLog [OGL 2.1]glGetShaderSource [OGL 2.1]glGetShaderiv [OGL 2.1]
glGetString [OGL 2.1]glGetTexEnvfv [OGL 2.1]glGetTexEnviv [OGL 2.1]glGetTexGendv [OGL 2.1]
glGetTexGenfv [OGL 2.1]glGetTexGeniv [OGL 2.1]glGetTexImage [OGL 2.1]glGetTexLevelParameterfv [OGL 2.1]
glGetTexLevelParameteriv [OGL 2.1]glGetTexParameterfv [OGL 2.1]glGetTexParameteriv [OGL 2.1]glGetUniformLocation [OGL 2.1]
glGetUniformfv [OGL 2.1]glGetUniformiv [OGL 2.1]glGetVertexAttribPointerv [OGL 2.1]glGetVertexAttribdv [OGL 2.1]
glGetVertexAttribfv [OGL 2.1]glGetVertexAttribiv [OGL 2.1]glHint [OGL 2.1]glHistogram [OGL 2.1]
glIndexMask [OGL 2.1]glIndexPointer [OGL 2.1]glIndexd [OGL 2.1]glIndexdv [OGL 2.1]
glIndexf [OGL 2.1]glIndexfv [OGL 2.1]glIndexi [OGL 2.1]glIndexiv [OGL 2.1]
glIndexs [OGL 2.1]glIndexsv [OGL 2.1]glIndexub [OGL 2.1]glIndexubv [OGL 2.1]
glInitNames [OGL 2.1]glInterleavedArrays [OGL 2.1]glIsBuffer [OGL 2.1]glIsEnabled [OGL 2.1]
glIsList [OGL 2.1]glIsProgram [OGL 2.1]glIsQuery [OGL 2.1]glIsShader [OGL 2.1]
glIsTexture [OGL 2.1]glLightModelf [OGL 2.1]glLightModelfv [OGL 2.1]glLightModeli [OGL 2.1]
glLightModeliv [OGL 2.1]glLightf [OGL 2.1]glLightfv [OGL 2.1]glLighti [OGL 2.1]
glLightiv [OGL 2.1]glLineStipple [OGL 2.1]glLineWidth [OGL 2.1]glLinkProgram [OGL 2.1]
glListBase [OGL 2.1]glLoadIdentity [OGL 2.1]glLoadMatrixd [OGL 2.1]glLoadMatrixf [OGL 2.1]
glLoadName [OGL 2.1]glLoadTransposeMatrixd [OGL 2.1]glLoadTransposeMatrixf [OGL 2.1]glLogicOp [OGL 2.1]
glMap1d [OGL 2.1]glMap1f [OGL 2.1]glMap2d [OGL 2.1]glMap2f [OGL 2.1]
glMapBuffer [OGL 2.1]glMapGrid1d [OGL 2.1]glMapGrid1f [OGL 2.1]glMapGrid2d [OGL 2.1]
glMapGrid2f [OGL 2.1]glMaterialf [OGL 2.1]glMaterialfv [OGL 2.1]glMateriali [OGL 2.1]
glMaterialiv [OGL 2.1]glMatrixMode [OGL 2.1]glMinmax [OGL 2.1]glMultMatrixd [OGL 2.1]
glMultMatrixf [OGL 2.1]glMultTransposeMatrixd [OGL 2.1]glMultTransposeMatrixf [OGL 2.1]glMultiDrawArrays [OGL 2.1]
glMultiDrawElements [OGL 2.1]glMultiTexCoord1d [OGL 2.1]glMultiTexCoord1dARB [OGL 2.1]glMultiTexCoord1dv [OGL 2.1]
glMultiTexCoord1dvARB [OGL 2.1]glMultiTexCoord1f [OGL 2.1]glMultiTexCoord1fARB [OGL 2.1]glMultiTexCoord1fv [OGL 2.1]
glMultiTexCoord1fvARB [OGL 2.1]glMultiTexCoord1i [OGL 2.1]glMultiTexCoord1iARB [OGL 2.1]glMultiTexCoord1iv [OGL 2.1]
glMultiTexCoord1ivARB [OGL 2.1]glMultiTexCoord1s [OGL 2.1]glMultiTexCoord1sARB [OGL 2.1]glMultiTexCoord1sv [OGL 2.1]
glMultiTexCoord1svARB [OGL 2.1]glMultiTexCoord2d [OGL 2.1]glMultiTexCoord2dARB [OGL 2.1]glMultiTexCoord2dv [OGL 2.1]
glMultiTexCoord2dvARB [OGL 2.1]glMultiTexCoord2f [OGL 2.1]glMultiTexCoord2fARB [OGL 2.1]glMultiTexCoord2fv [OGL 2.1]
glMultiTexCoord2fvARB [OGL 2.1]glMultiTexCoord2i [OGL 2.1]glMultiTexCoord2iARB [OGL 2.1]glMultiTexCoord2iv [OGL 2.1]
glMultiTexCoord2ivARB [OGL 2.1]glMultiTexCoord2s [OGL 2.1]glMultiTexCoord2sARB [OGL 2.1]glMultiTexCoord2sv [OGL 2.1]
glMultiTexCoord2svARB [OGL 2.1]glMultiTexCoord3d [OGL 2.1]glMultiTexCoord3dARB [OGL 2.1]glMultiTexCoord3dv [OGL 2.1]
glMultiTexCoord3dvARB [OGL 2.1]glMultiTexCoord3f [OGL 2.1]glMultiTexCoord3fARB [OGL 2.1]glMultiTexCoord3fv [OGL 2.1]
glMultiTexCoord3fvARB [OGL 2.1]glMultiTexCoord3i [OGL 2.1]glMultiTexCoord3iARB [OGL 2.1]glMultiTexCoord3iv [OGL 2.1]
glMultiTexCoord3ivARB [OGL 2.1]glMultiTexCoord3s [OGL 2.1]glMultiTexCoord3sARB [OGL 2.1]glMultiTexCoord3sv [OGL 2.1]
glMultiTexCoord3svARB [OGL 2.1]glMultiTexCoord4d [OGL 2.1]glMultiTexCoord4dARB [OGL 2.1]glMultiTexCoord4dv [OGL 2.1]
glMultiTexCoord4dvARB [OGL 2.1]glMultiTexCoord4f [OGL 2.1]glMultiTexCoord4fARB [OGL 2.1]glMultiTexCoord4fv [OGL 2.1]
glMultiTexCoord4fvARB [OGL 2.1]glMultiTexCoord4i [OGL 2.1]glMultiTexCoord4iARB [OGL 2.1]glMultiTexCoord4iv [OGL 2.1]
glMultiTexCoord4ivARB [OGL 2.1]glMultiTexCoord4s [OGL 2.1]glMultiTexCoord4sARB [OGL 2.1]glMultiTexCoord4sv [OGL 2.1]
glMultiTexCoord4svARB [OGL 2.1]glNewList [OGL 2.1]glNormal3b [OGL 2.1]glNormal3bv [OGL 2.1]
glNormal3d [OGL 2.1]glNormal3dv [OGL 2.1]glNormal3f [OGL 2.1]glNormal3fv [OGL 2.1]
glNormal3i [OGL 2.1]glNormal3iv [OGL 2.1]glNormal3s [OGL 2.1]glNormal3sv [OGL 2.1]
glNormalPointer [OGL 2.1]glOrtho [OGL 2.1]glPassThrough [OGL 2.1]glPixelMapfv [OGL 2.1]
glPixelMapuiv [OGL 2.1]glPixelMapusv [OGL 2.1]glPixelStoref [OGL 2.1]glPixelStorei [OGL 2.1]
glPixelTransferf [OGL 2.1]glPixelTransferi [OGL 2.1]glPixelZoom [OGL 2.1]glPointParameterf [OGL 2.1]
glPointParameterfv [OGL 2.1]glPointParameteri [OGL 2.1]glPointParameteriv [OGL 2.1]glPointSize [OGL 2.1]
glPolygonMode [OGL 2.1]glPolygonOffset [OGL 2.1]glPolygonStipple [OGL 2.1]glPopAttrib [OGL 2.1]
glPopClientAttrib [OGL 2.1]glPopMatrix [OGL 2.1]glPopName [OGL 2.1]glPrioritizeTextures [OGL 2.1]
glPushAttrib [OGL 2.1]glPushClientAttrib [OGL 2.1]glPushMatrix [OGL 2.1]glPushName [OGL 2.1]
glRasterPos2d [OGL 2.1]glRasterPos2dv [OGL 2.1]glRasterPos2f [OGL 2.1]glRasterPos2fv [OGL 2.1]
glRasterPos2i [OGL 2.1]glRasterPos2iv [OGL 2.1]glRasterPos2s [OGL 2.1]glRasterPos2sv [OGL 2.1]
glRasterPos3d [OGL 2.1]glRasterPos3dv [OGL 2.1]glRasterPos3f [OGL 2.1]glRasterPos3fv [OGL 2.1]
glRasterPos3i [OGL 2.1]glRasterPos3iv [OGL 2.1]glRasterPos3s [OGL 2.1]glRasterPos3sv [OGL 2.1]
glRasterPos4d [OGL 2.1]glRasterPos4dv [OGL 2.1]glRasterPos4f [OGL 2.1]glRasterPos4fv [OGL 2.1]
glRasterPos4i [OGL 2.1]glRasterPos4iv [OGL 2.1]glRasterPos4s [OGL 2.1]glRasterPos4sv [OGL 2.1]
glReadBuffer [OGL 2.1]glReadPixels [OGL 2.1]glRectd [OGL 2.1]glRectdv [OGL 2.1]
glRectf [OGL 2.1]glRectfv [OGL 2.1]glRecti [OGL 2.1]glRectiv [OGL 2.1]
glRects [OGL 2.1]glRectsv [OGL 2.1]glRenderMode [OGL 2.1]glResetHistogram [OGL 2.1]
glResetMinmax [OGL 2.1]glRotated [OGL 2.1]glRotatef [OGL 2.1]glSampleCoverage [OGL 2.1]
glScaled [OGL 2.1]glScalef [OGL 2.1]glScissor [OGL 2.1]glSecondaryColor3b [OGL 2.1]
glSecondaryColor3bv [OGL 2.1]glSecondaryColor3d [OGL 2.1]glSecondaryColor3dv [OGL 2.1]glSecondaryColor3f [OGL 2.1]
glSecondaryColor3fv [OGL 2.1]glSecondaryColor3i [OGL 2.1]glSecondaryColor3iv [OGL 2.1]glSecondaryColor3s [OGL 2.1]
glSecondaryColor3sv [OGL 2.1]glSecondaryColor3ub [OGL 2.1]glSecondaryColor3ubv [OGL 2.1]glSecondaryColor3ui [OGL 2.1]
glSecondaryColor3uiv [OGL 2.1]glSecondaryColor3us [OGL 2.1]glSecondaryColor3usv [OGL 2.1]glSecondaryColorPointer [OGL 2.1]
glSelectBuffer [OGL 2.1]glSeparableFilter2D [OGL 2.1]glShadeModel [OGL 2.1]glShaderSource [OGL 2.1]
glStencilFunc [OGL 2.1]glStencilFuncSeparate [OGL 2.1]glStencilMask [OGL 2.1]glStencilMaskSeparate [OGL 2.1]
glStencilOp [OGL 2.1]glStencilOpSeparate [OGL 2.1]glTexCoord1d [OGL 2.1]glTexCoord1dv [OGL 2.1]
glTexCoord1f [OGL 2.1]glTexCoord1fv [OGL 2.1]glTexCoord1i [OGL 2.1]glTexCoord1iv [OGL 2.1]
glTexCoord1s [OGL 2.1]glTexCoord1sv [OGL 2.1]glTexCoord2d [OGL 2.1]glTexCoord2dv [OGL 2.1]
glTexCoord2f [OGL 2.1]glTexCoord2fv [OGL 2.1]glTexCoord2i [OGL 2.1]glTexCoord2iv [OGL 2.1]
glTexCoord2s [OGL 2.1]glTexCoord2sv [OGL 2.1]glTexCoord3d [OGL 2.1]glTexCoord3dv [OGL 2.1]
glTexCoord3f [OGL 2.1]glTexCoord3fv [OGL 2.1]glTexCoord3i [OGL 2.1]glTexCoord3iv [OGL 2.1]
glTexCoord3s [OGL 2.1]glTexCoord3sv [OGL 2.1]glTexCoord4d [OGL 2.1]glTexCoord4dv [OGL 2.1]
glTexCoord4f [OGL 2.1]glTexCoord4fv [OGL 2.1]glTexCoord4i [OGL 2.1]glTexCoord4iv [OGL 2.1]
glTexCoord4s [OGL 2.1]glTexCoord4sv [OGL 2.1]glTexCoordPointer [OGL 2.1]glTexEnvf [OGL 2.1]
glTexEnvfv [OGL 2.1]glTexEnvi [OGL 2.1]glTexEnviv [OGL 2.1]glTexGend [OGL 2.1]
glTexGendv [OGL 2.1]glTexGenf [OGL 2.1]glTexGenfv [OGL 2.1]glTexGeni [OGL 2.1]
glTexGeniv [OGL 2.1]glTexImage1D [OGL 2.1]glTexImage2D [OGL 2.1]glTexImage3D [OGL 2.1]
glTexParameterf [OGL 2.1]glTexParameterfv [OGL 2.1]glTexParameteri [OGL 2.1]glTexParameteriv [OGL 2.1]
glTexSubImage1D [OGL 2.1]glTexSubImage2D [OGL 2.1]glTexSubImage3D [OGL 2.1]glTranslated [OGL 2.1]
glTranslatef [OGL 2.1]glUniform1f [OGL 2.1]glUniform1fv [OGL 2.1]glUniform1i [OGL 2.1]
glUniform1iv [OGL 2.1]glUniform2f [OGL 2.1]glUniform2fv [OGL 2.1]glUniform2i [OGL 2.1]
glUniform2iv [OGL 2.1]glUniform3f [OGL 2.1]glUniform3fv [OGL 2.1]glUniform3i [OGL 2.1]
glUniform3iv [OGL 2.1]glUniform4f [OGL 2.1]glUniform4fv [OGL 2.1]glUniform4i [OGL 2.1]
glUniform4iv [OGL 2.1]glUniformMatrix2fv [OGL 2.1]glUniformMatrix2x3fv [OGL 2.1]glUniformMatrix2x4fv [OGL 2.1]
glUniformMatrix3fv [OGL 2.1]glUniformMatrix3x2fv [OGL 2.1]glUniformMatrix3x4fv [OGL 2.1]glUniformMatrix4fv [OGL 2.1]
glUniformMatrix4x2fv [OGL 2.1]glUniformMatrix4x3fv [OGL 2.1]glUnmapBuffer [OGL 2.1]glUseProgram [OGL 2.1]
glValidateProgram [OGL 2.1]glVertex2d [OGL 2.1]glVertex2dv [OGL 2.1]glVertex2f [OGL 2.1]
glVertex2fv [OGL 2.1]glVertex2i [OGL 2.1]glVertex2iv [OGL 2.1]glVertex2s [OGL 2.1]
glVertex2sv [OGL 2.1]glVertex3d [OGL 2.1]glVertex3dv [OGL 2.1]glVertex3f [OGL 2.1]
glVertex3fv [OGL 2.1]glVertex3i [OGL 2.1]glVertex3iv [OGL 2.1]glVertex3s [OGL 2.1]
glVertex3sv [OGL 2.1]glVertex4d [OGL 2.1]glVertex4dv [OGL 2.1]glVertex4f [OGL 2.1]
glVertex4fv [OGL 2.1]glVertex4i [OGL 2.1]glVertex4iv [OGL 2.1]glVertex4s [OGL 2.1]
glVertex4sv [OGL 2.1]glVertexAttrib1d [OGL 2.1]glVertexAttrib1dv [OGL 2.1]glVertexAttrib1f [OGL 2.1]
glVertexAttrib1fv [OGL 2.1]glVertexAttrib1s [OGL 2.1]glVertexAttrib1sv [OGL 2.1]glVertexAttrib2d [OGL 2.1]
glVertexAttrib2dv [OGL 2.1]glVertexAttrib2f [OGL 2.1]glVertexAttrib2fv [OGL 2.1]glVertexAttrib2s [OGL 2.1]
glVertexAttrib2sv [OGL 2.1]glVertexAttrib3d [OGL 2.1]glVertexAttrib3dv [OGL 2.1]glVertexAttrib3f [OGL 2.1]
glVertexAttrib3fv [OGL 2.1]glVertexAttrib3s [OGL 2.1]glVertexAttrib3sv [OGL 2.1]glVertexAttrib4Nbv [OGL 2.1]
glVertexAttrib4Niv [OGL 2.1]glVertexAttrib4Nsv [OGL 2.1]glVertexAttrib4Nub [OGL 2.1]glVertexAttrib4Nubv [OGL 2.1]
glVertexAttrib4Nuiv [OGL 2.1]glVertexAttrib4Nusv [OGL 2.1]glVertexAttrib4bv [OGL 2.1]glVertexAttrib4d [OGL 2.1]
glVertexAttrib4dv [OGL 2.1]glVertexAttrib4f [OGL 2.1]glVertexAttrib4fv [OGL 2.1]glVertexAttrib4iv [OGL 2.1]
glVertexAttrib4s [OGL 2.1]glVertexAttrib4sv [OGL 2.1]glVertexAttrib4ubv [OGL 2.1]glVertexAttrib4uiv [OGL 2.1]
glVertexAttrib4usv [OGL 2.1]glVertexAttribPointer [OGL 2.1]glVertexPointer [OGL 2.1]glViewport [OGL 2.1]
glWindowPos2d [OGL 2.1]glWindowPos2dv [OGL 2.1]glWindowPos2f [OGL 2.1]glWindowPos2fv [OGL 2.1]
glWindowPos2i [OGL 2.1]glWindowPos2iv [OGL 2.1]glWindowPos2s [OGL 2.1]glWindowPos2sv [OGL 2.1]
glWindowPos3d [OGL 2.1]glWindowPos3dv [OGL 2.1]glWindowPos3f [OGL 2.1]glWindowPos3fv [OGL 2.1]
glWindowPos3i [OGL 2.1]glWindowPos3iv [OGL 2.1]glWindowPos3s [OGL 2.1]glWindowPos3sv [OGL 2.1]