16.19. Interfaces for libpangoft2-1.0

Table 16-91 defines the library name and shared object name for the libpangoft2-1.0 library

Table 16-91. libpangoft2-1.0 Definition


The behavior of the interfaces in this library is specified by the following specifications:

[GObject 2.12] Gobject 2.12.13 Reference Manual
[Pango 1.10] Pango 1.10.4 Reference Manual

16.19.1. Pango Freetype Fonts and Rendering library Interfaces for Pango Freetype Fonts and Rendering library

An LSB conforming implementation shall provide the generic functions for Pango Freetype Fonts and Rendering library specified in Table 16-92, with the full mandatory functionality as described in the referenced underlying specification.

Table 16-92. libpangoft2-1.0 - Pango Freetype Fonts and Rendering library Function Interfaces

pango_fc_decoder_get_charset [Pango 1.10]pango_fc_decoder_get_glyph [Pango 1.10]
pango_fc_decoder_get_type [GObject 2.12]pango_fc_font_description_from_pattern [Pango 1.10]
pango_fc_font_get_type [GObject 2.12]pango_fc_font_lock_face [Pango 1.10]
pango_fc_font_map_add_decoder_find_func [Pango 1.10]pango_fc_font_map_get_type [GObject 2.12]
pango_fc_font_unlock_face [Pango 1.10]pango_ft2_font_map_create_context [Pango 1.10]
pango_ft2_font_map_get_type [GObject 2.12]pango_ft2_font_map_new [Pango 1.10]
pango_ft2_font_map_set_default_substitute [Pango 1.10]pango_ft2_font_map_set_resolution [Pango 1.10]
pango_ft2_font_map_substitute_changed [Pango 1.10]pango_ft2_render [Pango 1.10]
pango_ft2_render_layout [Pango 1.10]pango_ft2_render_layout_line [Pango 1.10]
pango_ft2_render_layout_line_subpixel [Pango 1.10]pango_ft2_render_layout_subpixel [Pango 1.10]
pango_ft2_render_transformed [Pango 1.10]