gzputs -- string write to a compressed file


#include <zlib.h>

int gzputs (gzFile file, const char * s);


The gzputs() function shall write the null terminated string s to the compressed file referenced by file, which shall have been opened in a write mode (see gzopen() and gzdopen()). The terminating null character shall not be written. The gzputs() function shall return the number of uncompressed bytes actually written.

Return Value

On success, gzputs() shall return the number of uncompressed bytes actually written to file. On error gzputs() shall return a value less than or equal to 0. Applications may examine the cause using gzerror().


On error, gzputs() shall set the error number associated with the stream identified by file to indicate the error. Applications should use gzerror() to access this error value. If file is NULL, gzputs() shall return Z_STREAM_ERR.


An underlying base library function has indicated an error. The global variable errno may be examined for further information.


The stream is invalid, is not open for writing, or is in an invalid state.


no compression progress is possible (see deflate()).


Insufficient memory available to compress.