14.4. Interface Definitions for libz

Table of Contents
adler32 -- compute Adler 32 Checksum
compress -- compress data
compress2 -- compress data at a specified level
compressBound -- compute compressed data size
crc32 -- compute CRC-32 Checksum
deflate -- compress data
deflateBound -- compute compressed data size
deflateCopy -- copy compression stream
deflateEnd -- free compression stream state
deflateInit2_ -- initialize compression system
deflateInit_ -- initialize compression system
deflateParams -- set compression parameters
deflateReset -- reset compression stream state
deflateSetDictionary -- initialize compression dictionary
get_crc_table -- generate a table for crc calculations
gzclose -- close a compressed file stream
gzdopen -- open a compressed file
gzeof -- check for end-of-file on a compressed file stream
gzerror -- decode an error on a compressed file stream
gzflush -- flush a compressed file stream
gzgetc -- read a character from a compressed file
gzgets -- read a string from a compressed file
gzopen -- open a compressed file
gzprintf -- format data and compress
gzputc -- write character to a compressed file
gzputs -- string write to a compressed file
gzread -- read from a compressed file
gzrewind -- reset the file-position indicator on a compressed file stream
gzseek -- reposition a file-position indicator in a compressed file stream
gzsetparams -- dynamically set compression parameters
gztell -- find position on a compressed file stream
gzwrite -- write to a compressed file
inflate -- decompress data
inflateEnd -- free decompression stream state
inflateInit2_ -- initialize decompression system
inflateInit_ -- initialize decompression system
inflateReset -- reset decompression stream state
inflateSetDictionary -- initialize decompression dictionary
inflateSync -- advance compression stream to next sync point
inflateSyncPoint -- test for synchronization point
uncompress -- uncompress data
zError -- translate error number to string
zlibVersion -- discover library version at run time

The interfaces defined on the following pages are included in libz and are defined by this specification. Unless otherwise noted, these interfaces shall be included in the source standard.

Other interfaces listed in Section 14.2 shall behave as described in the referenced base document.