IV. PNG12 library

Table of Contents
8. Libraries
8.1. Interfaces for libpng12
8.1.1. PNG Reference library
8.2. Data Definitions for libpng12
8.2.1. png.h
8.3. Interface Definitions for libpng12
png_access_version_number -- return version of the run-time library
png_create_info_struct -- allocate and initialize a png_info structure
png_create_read_struct -- allocate and initialize a png_struct structure for reading PNG file
png_create_write_struct -- allocate and initialize a png_struct structure for writing PNG file
png_destroy_read_struct -- free the memory associated with read png_struct
png_destroy_write_struct -- free the memory associated with write png_struct
png_error -- default function to handle fatal errors
png_free -- free a pointer allocated by png_malloc()
png_get_IHDR -- get PNG_IHDR chunk information from png_info structure
png_get_PLTE -- get image palette information from png_info structure
png_get_bKGD -- get background color for given image
png_get_bit_depth -- return image bit_depth
png_get_cHRM -- get CIE chromacities and referenced white point for given image
png_get_channels -- get number of color channels in image
png_get_color_type -- return image color type
png_get_error_ptr -- return error_ptr for user-defined functions
png_get_gAMA -- get the gamma value for given image
png_get_hIST -- get the histogram for given image
png_get_iCCP -- get the embedded ICC profile data for given image
png_get_image_height -- return image height
png_get_image_width -- return image width
png_get_interlace_type -- returns interlace method
png_get_io_ptr -- return pointer for user-defined I/O
png_get_libpng_ver -- get the library version string
png_get_oFFs -- get screen offsets for the given image
png_get_pHYs -- get the physical resolution for given image
png_get_progressive_ptr -- return pointer to user-defined push read functions
png_get_rowbytes -- Return number of bytes for a row
png_get_rows -- retrieve image data from png_info structure
png_get_sBIT -- get number of significant bits for each color channel
png_get_sRGB -- get the rendering intent for given image
png_get_tIME -- get last modification time for the image
png_get_tRNS -- get transparency data for images
png_get_text -- get comments information from png_info structure
png_get_valid -- determine if given chunk data is valid
png_get_x_offset_pixels -- return x offset in pixels from oFFs chunk
png_get_x_pixels_per_meter -- return horizontal pixel density per meter
png_get_y_offset_pixels -- return y offset in pixels from oFFs chunk
png_get_y_pixels_per_meter -- return vertical pixel density per meter
png_init_io -- initialize input/output for the PNG file
png_malloc -- allocate memory
png_process_data -- read PNG file progressively
png_progressive_combine_row -- combines current row data with processed row
png_read_end -- read the end of PNG file
png_read_image -- read the entire image into memory
png_read_info -- read the PNG image information
png_read_png -- read the entire PNG file
png_read_row -- read a row of image data
png_read_rows -- read multiple rows of image data
png_read_update_info -- update png_info structure
png_set_IHDR -- set the PNG_IHDR chunk information
png_set_PLTE -- set color values for the palette
png_set_bKGD -- set the background color for given image
png_set_background -- set the background for given image
png_set_bgr -- set pixel order to blue, green, red
png_set_cHRM -- set CIE chromacities and referenced white point for given image
png_set_compression_level -- set image compression level
png_set_dither -- turn on dithering to 8-bit
png_set_error_fn -- set user defined functions for error handling
png_set_expand -- set expansion transformation
png_set_filler -- add a filler byte to given image
png_set_filter -- set filtering method
png_set_gAMA -- set the gamma value for given image
png_set_gamma -- transform the image from file gamma to screen gamma
png_set_gray_1_2_4_to_8 -- set expansion transformation
png_set_gray_to_rgb -- expand the grayscale image to 24-bit RGB
png_set_hIST -- set the histogram of color palette
png_set_iCCP -- set ICC component
png_set_interlace_handling -- get the number of passes for image interlacing
png_set_invert_mono -- reverse values for monochromicity
png_set_oFFs -- set screen offsets for given image
png_set_pHYs -- set physical resolution
png_set_packing -- expand image to 1 pixel per byte for bit-depths 1,2 and 4
png_set_packswap -- swap the order of pixels for packed-pixel image
png_set_palette_to_rgb -- set expansion transformation
png_set_progressive_read_fn -- set progressive read callback functions
png_set_read_fn -- set user-defined function for reading a PNG stream
png_set_rgb_to_gray -- reduce 24-bit RGB to grayscale image
png_set_rows -- put image data in png_info structure
png_set_sBIT -- set number of significant bits for each channel
png_set_sRGB -- set the rendering intent for given image
png_set_shift -- shift pixel values to valid bit-depth
png_set_sig_bytes -- number of bytes read from PNG file
png_set_strip_16 -- strip 16 bit PNG file to 8 bit depth
png_set_strip_alpha -- remove alpha channel on the given image
png_set_swap -- swap byte-order for 16 bit depth files
png_set_swap_alpha -- swap image data from RGBA to ARGB format
png_set_tIME -- set last modification time for the image
png_set_tRNS -- set transparency values for images
png_set_tRNS_to_alpha -- set expansion transformation
png_set_text -- stores information for image comments
png_set_write_fn -- set user-defined function for writing a PNG stream
png_sig_cmp -- match the PNG signature
png_warning -- default function to handle non-fatal errors
png_write_chunk -- write a PNG chunk
png_write_end -- write the end of a PNG file
png_write_flush -- flush the current output buffers
png_write_image -- write the given image data
png_write_info -- write PNG information to file
png_write_png -- write the entire PNG file
png_write_row -- write a row of image data
png_write_rows -- write multiple rows of image data