7.2. Data Definitions for libGL

This section defines global identifiers and their values that are associated with interfaces contained in libGL. These definitions are organized into groups that correspond to system headers. This convention is used as a convenience for the reader, and does not imply the existence of these headers, or their content. Where an interface is defined as requiring a particular system header file all of the data definitions for that system header file presented here shall be in effect.

This section gives data definitions to promote binary application portability, not to repeat source interface definitions available elsewhere. System providers and application developers should use this ABI to supplement - not to replace - source interface definition specifications.

This specification uses the ISO C (1999) C Language as the reference programming language, and data definitions are specified in ISO C format. The C language is used here as a convenient notation. Using a C language description of these data objects does not preclude their use by other programming languages.

7.2.1. GL/gl.h

typedef unsigned int GLenum;
typedef unsigned char GLboolean;
typedef unsigned int GLbitfield;
typedef void GLvoid;
typedef char GLbyte;
typedef short GLshort;
typedef int GLint;
typedef unsigned char GLubyte;
typedef unsigned short GLushort;
typedef unsigned int GLuint;
typedef int GLsizei;
typedef float GLfloat;
typedef float GLclampf;
typedef double GLdouble;
typedef double GLclampd;

#define GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE	0x1401
#define GL_SHORT	0x1402
#define GL_UNSIGNED_SHORT	0x1403
#define GL_INT	0x1404
#define GL_UNSIGNED_INT	0x1405
#define GL_FLOAT	0x1406
#define GL_2_BYTES	0x1407
#define GL_3_BYTES	0x1408
#define GL_4_BYTES	0x1409
#define GL_DOUBLE	0x140A

#define GL_POINTS	0x0000
#define GL_LINES	0x0001
#define GL_LINE_LOOP	0x0002
#define GL_LINE_STRIP	0x0003
#define GL_TRIANGLES	0x0004
#define GL_TRIANGLE_STRIP	0x0005
#define GL_TRIANGLE_FAN	0x0006
#define GL_QUADS	0x0007
#define GL_QUAD_STRIP	0x0008
#define GL_POLYGON	0x0009

#define GL_V2F	0x2A20
#define GL_V3F	0x2A21
#define GL_C4UB_V2F	0x2A22
#define GL_C4UB_V3F	0x2A23
#define GL_C3F_V3F	0x2A24
#define GL_N3F_V3F	0x2A25
#define GL_C4F_N3F_V3F	0x2A26
#define GL_T2F_V3F	0x2A27
#define GL_T4F_V4F	0x2A28
#define GL_T2F_C4UB_V3F	0x2A29
#define GL_T2F_C3F_V3F	0x2A2A
#define GL_T2F_N3F_V3F	0x2A2B
#define GL_T2F_C4F_N3F_V3F	0x2A2C
#define GL_T4F_C4F_N3F_V4F	0x2A2D
#define GL_VERTEX_ARRAY	0x8074
#define GL_NORMAL_ARRAY	0x8075
#define GL_COLOR_ARRAY	0x8076
#define GL_INDEX_ARRAY	0x8077
#define GL_EDGE_FLAG_ARRAY	0x8079
#define GL_COLOR_ARRAY_SIZE	0x8081
#define GL_COLOR_ARRAY_TYPE	0x8082
#define GL_COLOR_ARRAY_STRIDE	0x8083
#define GL_INDEX_ARRAY_TYPE	0x8085
#define GL_INDEX_ARRAY_STRIDE	0x8086

#define GL_MATRIX_MODE	0x0BA0
#define GL_MODELVIEW	0x1700
#define GL_PROJECTION	0x1701
#define GL_TEXTURE	0x1702

extern void glAccum(GLenum, GLfloat);
extern void glAlphaFunc(GLenum, GLclampf);
extern GLboolean glAreTexturesResident(GLsizei, GLuint *, GLboolean *);
extern void glArrayElement(GLint);
extern void glBegin(GLenum);
extern void glBindTexture(GLenum, GLuint);
extern void glBitmap(GLsizei, GLsizei, GLfloat, GLfloat, GLfloat, GLfloat,
		     GLubyte *);
extern void glBlendFunc(GLenum, GLenum);
extern void glCallList(GLuint);
extern void glCallLists(GLsizei, GLenum, GLvoid *);
extern void glClear(GLbitfield);
extern void glClearAccum(GLfloat, GLfloat, GLfloat, GLfloat);
extern void glClearColor(GLclampf, GLclampf, GLclampf, GLclampf);
extern void glClearDepth(GLclampd);
extern void glClearIndex(GLfloat);
extern void glClearStencil(GLint);
extern void glClipPlane(GLenum, GLdouble *);
extern void glColor3b(GLbyte, GLbyte, GLbyte);
extern void glColor3bv(GLbyte *);
extern void glColor3d(GLdouble, GLdouble, GLdouble);
extern void glColor3dv(GLdouble *);
extern void glColor3f(GLfloat, GLfloat, GLfloat);
extern void glColor3fv(GLfloat *);
extern void glColor3i(GLint, GLint, GLint);
extern void glColor3iv(GLint *);
extern void glColor3s(GLshort, GLshort, GLshort);
extern void glColor3sv(GLshort *);
extern void glColor3ub(GLubyte, GLubyte, GLubyte);
extern void glColor3ubv(GLubyte *);
extern void glColor3ui(GLuint, GLuint, GLuint);
extern void glColor3uiv(GLuint *);
extern void glColor3us(GLushort, GLushort, GLushort);
extern void glColor3usv(GLushort *);
extern void glColor4b(GLbyte, GLbyte, GLbyte, GLbyte);
extern void glColor4bv(GLbyte *);
extern void glColor4d(GLdouble, GLdouble, GLdouble, GLdouble);
extern void glColor4dv(GLdouble *);
extern void glColor4f(GLfloat, GLfloat, GLfloat, GLfloat);
extern void glColor4fv(GLfloat *);
extern void glColor4i(GLint, GLint, GLint, GLint);
extern void glColor4iv(GLint *);
extern void glColor4s(GLshort, GLshort, GLshort, GLshort);
extern void glColor4sv(GLshort *);
extern void glColor4ub(GLubyte, GLubyte, GLubyte, GLubyte);
extern void glColor4ubv(GLubyte *);
extern void glColor4ui(GLuint, GLuint, GLuint, GLuint);
extern void glColor4uiv(GLuint *);
extern void glColor4us(GLushort, GLushort, GLushort, GLushort);
extern void glColor4usv(GLushort *);
extern void glColorMask(GLboolean, GLboolean, GLboolean, GLboolean);
extern void glColorMaterial(GLenum, GLenum);
extern void glColorPointer(GLint, GLenum, GLsizei, GLvoid *);
extern void glCopyPixels(GLint, GLint, GLsizei, GLsizei, GLenum);
extern void glCopyTexImage1D(GLenum, GLint, GLenum, GLint, GLint, GLsizei,
extern void glCopyTexImage2D(GLenum, GLint, GLenum, GLint, GLint, GLsizei,
			     GLsizei, GLint);
extern void glCopyTexSubImage1D(GLenum, GLint, GLint, GLint, GLint,
extern void glCopyTexSubImage2D(GLenum, GLint, GLint, GLint, GLint, GLint,
				GLsizei, GLsizei);
extern void glCullFace(GLenum);
extern void glDeleteLists(GLuint, GLsizei);
extern void glDeleteTextures(GLsizei, GLuint *);
extern void glDepthFunc(GLenum);
extern void glDepthMask(GLboolean);
extern void glDepthRange(GLclampd, GLclampd);
extern void glDisable(GLenum);
extern void glDisableClientState(GLenum);
extern void glDrawArrays(GLenum, GLint, GLsizei);
extern void glDrawBuffer(GLenum);
extern void glDrawElements(GLenum, GLsizei, GLenum, GLvoid *);
extern void glDrawPixels(GLsizei, GLsizei, GLenum, GLenum, GLvoid *);
extern void glEdgeFlag(GLboolean);
extern void glEdgeFlagPointer(GLsizei, GLvoid *);
extern void glEdgeFlagv(GLboolean *);
extern void glEnable(GLenum);
extern void glEnableClientState(GLenum);
extern void glEnd(void);
extern void glEndList(void);
extern void glEvalCoord1d(GLdouble);
extern void glEvalCoord1dv(GLdouble *);
extern void glEvalCoord1f(GLfloat);
extern void glEvalCoord1fv(GLfloat *);
extern void glEvalCoord2d(GLdouble, GLdouble);
extern void glEvalCoord2dv(GLdouble *);
extern void glEvalCoord2f(GLfloat, GLfloat);
extern void glEvalCoord2fv(GLfloat *);
extern void glEvalMesh1(GLenum, GLint, GLint);
extern void glEvalMesh2(GLenum, GLint, GLint, GLint, GLint);
extern void glEvalPoint1(GLint);
extern void glEvalPoint2(GLint, GLint);
extern void glFeedbackBuffer(GLsizei, GLenum, GLfloat *);
extern void glFinish(void);
extern void glFlush(void);
extern void glFogf(GLenum, GLfloat);
extern void glFogfv(GLenum, GLfloat *);
extern void glFogi(GLenum, GLint);
extern void glFogiv(GLenum, GLint *);
extern void glFrontFace(GLenum);
extern void glFrustum(GLdouble, GLdouble, GLdouble, GLdouble, GLdouble,
extern GLuint glGenLists(GLsizei);
extern void glGenTextures(GLsizei, GLuint *);
extern void glGetBooleanv(GLenum, GLboolean *);
extern void glGetClipPlane(GLenum, GLdouble *);
extern void glGetDoublev(GLenum, GLdouble *);
extern GLenum glGetError(void);
extern void glGetFloatv(GLenum, GLfloat *);
extern void glGetIntegerv(GLenum, GLint *);
extern void glGetLightfv(GLenum, GLenum, GLfloat *);
extern void glGetLightiv(GLenum, GLenum, GLint *);
extern void glGetMapdv(GLenum, GLenum, GLdouble *);
extern void glGetMapfv(GLenum, GLenum, GLfloat *);
extern void glGetMapiv(GLenum, GLenum, GLint *);
extern void glGetMaterialfv(GLenum, GLenum, GLfloat *);
extern void glGetMaterialiv(GLenum, GLenum, GLint *);
extern void glGetPixelMapfv(GLenum, GLfloat *);
extern void glGetPixelMapuiv(GLenum, GLuint *);
extern void glGetPixelMapusv(GLenum, GLushort *);
extern void glGetPointerv(GLenum, void **);
extern void glGetPolygonStipple(GLubyte *);
extern GLubyte *glGetString(GLenum);
extern void glGetTexEnvfv(GLenum, GLenum, GLfloat *);
extern void glGetTexEnviv(GLenum, GLenum, GLint *);
extern void glGetTexGendv(GLenum, GLenum, GLdouble *);
extern void glGetTexGenfv(GLenum, GLenum, GLfloat *);
extern void glGetTexGeniv(GLenum, GLenum, GLint *);
extern void glGetTexImage(GLenum, GLint, GLenum, GLenum, GLvoid *);
extern void glGetTexLevelParameterfv(GLenum, GLint, GLenum, GLfloat *);
extern void glGetTexLevelParameteriv(GLenum, GLint, GLenum, GLint *);
extern void glGetTexParameterfv(GLenum, GLenum, GLfloat *);
extern void glGetTexParameteriv(GLenum, GLenum, GLint *);
extern void glHint(GLenum, GLenum);
extern void glIndexMask(GLuint);
extern void glIndexPointer(GLenum, GLsizei, GLvoid *);
extern void glIndexd(GLdouble);
extern void glIndexdv(GLdouble *);
extern void glIndexf(GLfloat);
extern void glIndexfv(GLfloat *);
extern void glIndexi(GLint);
extern void glIndexiv(GLint *);
extern void glIndexs(GLshort);
extern void glIndexsv(GLshort *);
extern void glIndexub(GLubyte);
extern void glIndexubv(GLubyte *);
extern void glInitNames(void);
extern void glInterleavedArrays(GLenum, GLsizei, GLvoid *);
extern GLboolean glIsEnabled(GLenum);
extern GLboolean glIsList(GLuint);
extern GLboolean glIsTexture(GLuint);
extern void glLightModelf(GLenum, GLfloat);
extern void glLightModelfv(GLenum, GLfloat *);
extern void glLightModeli(GLenum, GLint);
extern void glLightModeliv(GLenum, GLint *);
extern void glLightf(GLenum, GLenum, GLfloat);
extern void glLightfv(GLenum, GLenum, GLfloat *);
extern void glLighti(GLenum, GLenum, GLint);
extern void glLightiv(GLenum, GLenum, GLint *);
extern void glLineStipple(GLint, GLushort);
extern void glLineWidth(GLfloat);
extern void glListBase(GLuint);
extern void glLoadIdentity(void);
extern void glLoadMatrixd(GLdouble *);
extern void glLoadMatrixf(GLfloat *);
extern void glLoadName(GLuint);
extern void glLogicOp(GLenum);
extern void glMap1d(GLenum, GLdouble, GLdouble, GLint, GLint, GLdouble *);
extern void glMap1f(GLenum, GLfloat, GLfloat, GLint, GLint, GLfloat *);
extern void glMap2d(GLenum, GLdouble, GLdouble, GLint, GLint, GLdouble,
		    GLdouble, GLint, GLint, GLdouble *);
extern void glMap2f(GLenum, GLfloat, GLfloat, GLint, GLint, GLfloat,
		    GLfloat, GLint, GLint, GLfloat *);
extern void glMapGrid1d(GLint, GLdouble, GLdouble);
extern void glMapGrid1f(GLint, GLfloat, GLfloat);
extern void glMapGrid2d(GLint, GLdouble, GLdouble, GLint, GLdouble,
extern void glMapGrid2f(GLint, GLfloat, GLfloat, GLint, GLfloat, GLfloat);
extern void glMaterialf(GLenum, GLenum, GLfloat);
extern void glMaterialfv(GLenum, GLenum, GLfloat *);
extern void glMateriali(GLenum, GLenum, GLint);
extern void glMaterialiv(GLenum, GLenum, GLint *);
extern void glMatrixMode(GLenum);
extern void glMultMatrixd(GLdouble *);
extern void glMultMatrixf(GLfloat *);
extern void glNewList(GLuint, GLenum);
extern void glNormal3b(GLbyte, GLbyte, GLbyte);
extern void glNormal3bv(GLbyte *);
extern void glNormal3d(GLdouble, GLdouble, GLdouble);
extern void glNormal3dv(GLdouble *);
extern void glNormal3f(GLfloat, GLfloat, GLfloat);
extern void glNormal3fv(GLfloat *);
extern void glNormal3i(GLint, GLint, GLint);
extern void glNormal3iv(GLint *);
extern void glNormal3s(GLshort, GLshort, GLshort);
extern void glNormal3sv(GLshort *);
extern void glNormalPointer(GLenum, GLsizei, GLvoid *);
extern void glOrtho(GLdouble, GLdouble, GLdouble, GLdouble, GLdouble,
extern void glPassThrough(GLfloat);
extern void glPixelMapfv(GLenum, GLint, GLfloat *);
extern void glPixelMapuiv(GLenum, GLint, GLuint *);
extern void glPixelMapusv(GLenum, GLint, GLushort *);
extern void glPixelStoref(GLenum, GLfloat);
extern void glPixelStorei(GLenum, GLint);
extern void glPixelTransferf(GLenum, GLfloat);
extern void glPixelTransferi(GLenum, GLint);
extern void glPixelZoom(GLfloat, GLfloat);
extern void glPointSize(GLfloat);
extern void glPolygonMode(GLenum, GLenum);
extern void glPolygonOffset(GLfloat, GLfloat);
extern void glPolygonStipple(GLubyte *);
extern void glPopAttrib(void);
extern void glPopClientAttrib(void);
extern void glPopMatrix(void);
extern void glPopName(void);
extern void glPrioritizeTextures(GLsizei, GLuint *, GLclampf *);
extern void glPushAttrib(GLbitfield);
extern void glPushClientAttrib(GLbitfield);
extern void glPushMatrix(void);
extern void glPushName(GLuint);
extern void glRasterPos2d(GLdouble, GLdouble);
extern void glRasterPos2dv(GLdouble *);
extern void glRasterPos2f(GLfloat, GLfloat);
extern void glRasterPos2fv(GLfloat *);
extern void glRasterPos2i(GLint, GLint);
extern void glRasterPos2iv(GLint *);
extern void glRasterPos2s(GLshort, GLshort);
extern void glRasterPos2sv(GLshort *);
extern void glRasterPos3d(GLdouble, GLdouble, GLdouble);
extern void glRasterPos3dv(GLdouble *);
extern void glRasterPos3f(GLfloat, GLfloat, GLfloat);
extern void glRasterPos3fv(GLfloat *);
extern void glRasterPos3i(GLint, GLint, GLint);
extern void glRasterPos3iv(GLint *);
extern void glRasterPos3s(GLshort, GLshort, GLshort);
extern void glRasterPos3sv(GLshort *);
extern void glRasterPos4d(GLdouble, GLdouble, GLdouble, GLdouble);
extern void glRasterPos4dv(GLdouble *);
extern void glRasterPos4f(GLfloat, GLfloat, GLfloat, GLfloat);
extern void glRasterPos4fv(GLfloat *);
extern void glRasterPos4i(GLint, GLint, GLint, GLint);
extern void glRasterPos4iv(GLint *);
extern void glRasterPos4s(GLshort, GLshort, GLshort, GLshort);
extern void glRasterPos4sv(GLshort *);
extern void glReadBuffer(GLenum);
extern void glReadPixels(GLint, GLint, GLsizei, GLsizei, GLenum, GLenum,
			 GLvoid *);
extern void glRectd(GLdouble, GLdouble, GLdouble, GLdouble);
extern void glRectdv(GLdouble *, GLdouble *);
extern void glRectf(GLfloat, GLfloat, GLfloat, GLfloat);
extern void glRectfv(GLfloat *, GLfloat *);
extern void glRecti(GLint, GLint, GLint, GLint);
extern void glRectiv(GLint *, GLint *);
extern void glRects(GLshort, GLshort, GLshort, GLshort);
extern void glRectsv(GLshort *, GLshort *);
extern GLint glRenderMode(GLenum);
extern void glRotated(GLdouble, GLdouble, GLdouble, GLdouble);
extern void glRotatef(GLfloat, GLfloat, GLfloat, GLfloat);
extern void glScaled(GLdouble, GLdouble, GLdouble);
extern void glScalef(GLfloat, GLfloat, GLfloat);
extern void glScissor(GLint, GLint, GLsizei, GLsizei);
extern void glSelectBuffer(GLsizei, GLuint *);
extern void glShadeModel(GLenum);
extern void glStencilFunc(GLenum, GLint, GLuint);
extern void glStencilMask(GLuint);
extern void glStencilOp(GLenum, GLenum, GLenum);
extern void glTexCoord1d(GLdouble);
extern void glTexCoord1dv(GLdouble *);
extern void glTexCoord1f(GLfloat);
extern void glTexCoord1fv(GLfloat *);
extern void glTexCoord1i(GLint);
extern void glTexCoord1iv(GLint *);
extern void glTexCoord1s(GLshort);
extern void glTexCoord1sv(GLshort *);
extern void glTexCoord2d(GLdouble, GLdouble);
extern void glTexCoord2dv(GLdouble *);
extern void glTexCoord2f(GLfloat, GLfloat);
extern void glTexCoord2fv(GLfloat *);
extern void glTexCoord2i(GLint, GLint);
extern void glTexCoord2iv(GLint *);
extern void glTexCoord2s(GLshort, GLshort);
extern void glTexCoord2sv(GLshort *);
extern void glTexCoord3d(GLdouble, GLdouble, GLdouble);
extern void glTexCoord3dv(GLdouble *);
extern void glTexCoord3f(GLfloat, GLfloat, GLfloat);
extern void glTexCoord3fv(GLfloat *);
extern void glTexCoord3i(GLint, GLint, GLint);
extern void glTexCoord3iv(GLint *);
extern void glTexCoord3s(GLshort, GLshort, GLshort);
extern void glTexCoord3sv(GLshort *);
extern void glTexCoord4d(GLdouble, GLdouble, GLdouble, GLdouble);
extern void glTexCoord4dv(GLdouble *);
extern void glTexCoord4f(GLfloat, GLfloat, GLfloat, GLfloat);
extern void glTexCoord4fv(GLfloat *);
extern void glTexCoord4i(GLint, GLint, GLint, GLint);
extern void glTexCoord4iv(GLint *);
extern void glTexCoord4s(GLshort, GLshort, GLshort, GLshort);
extern void glTexCoord4sv(GLshort *);
extern void glTexCoordPointer(GLint, GLenum, GLsizei, GLvoid *);
extern void glTexEnvf(GLenum, GLenum, GLfloat);
extern void glTexEnvfv(GLenum, GLenum, GLfloat *);
extern void glTexEnvi(GLenum, GLenum, GLint);
extern void glTexEnviv(GLenum, GLenum, GLint *);
extern void glTexGend(GLenum, GLenum, GLdouble);
extern void glTexGendv(GLenum, GLenum, GLdouble *);
extern void glTexGenf(GLenum, GLenum, GLfloat);
extern void glTexGenfv(GLenum, GLenum, GLfloat *);
extern void glTexGeni(GLenum, GLenum, GLint);
extern void glTexGeniv(GLenum, GLenum, GLint *);
extern void glTexImage1D(GLenum, GLint, GLint, GLsizei, GLint, GLenum,
			 GLenum, GLvoid *);
extern void glTexImage2D(GLenum, GLint, GLint, GLsizei, GLsizei, GLint,
			 GLenum, GLenum, GLvoid *);
extern void glTexParameterf(GLenum, GLenum, GLfloat);
extern void glTexParameterfv(GLenum, GLenum, GLfloat *);
extern void glTexParameteri(GLenum, GLenum, GLint);
extern void glTexParameteriv(GLenum, GLenum, GLint *);
extern void glTexSubImage1D(GLenum, GLint, GLint, GLsizei, GLenum, GLenum,
			    GLvoid *);
extern void glTexSubImage2D(GLenum, GLint, GLint, GLint, GLsizei, GLsizei,
			    GLenum, GLenum, GLvoid *);
extern void glTranslated(GLdouble, GLdouble, GLdouble);
extern void glTranslatef(GLfloat, GLfloat, GLfloat);
extern void glVertex2d(GLdouble, GLdouble);
extern void glVertex2dv(GLdouble *);
extern void glVertex2f(GLfloat, GLfloat);
extern void glVertex2fv(GLfloat *);
extern void glVertex2i(GLint, GLint);
extern void glVertex2iv(GLint *);
extern void glVertex2s(GLshort, GLshort);
extern void glVertex2sv(GLshort *);
extern void glVertex3d(GLdouble, GLdouble, GLdouble);
extern void glVertex3dv(GLdouble *);
extern void glVertex3f(GLfloat, GLfloat, GLfloat);
extern void glVertex3fv(GLfloat *);
extern void glVertex3i(GLint, GLint, GLint);
extern void glVertex3iv(GLint *);
extern void glVertex3s(GLshort, GLshort, GLshort);
extern void glVertex3sv(GLshort *);
extern void glVertex4d(GLdouble, GLdouble, GLdouble, GLdouble);
extern void glVertex4dv(GLdouble *);
extern void glVertex4f(GLfloat, GLfloat, GLfloat, GLfloat);
extern void glVertex4fv(GLfloat *);
extern void glVertex4i(GLint, GLint, GLint, GLint);
extern void glVertex4iv(GLint *);
extern void glVertex4s(GLshort, GLshort, GLshort, GLshort);
extern void glVertex4sv(GLshort *);
extern void glVertexPointer(GLint, GLenum, GLsizei, GLvoid *);
extern void glViewport(GLint, GLint, GLsizei, GLsizei);
extern void glDrawRangeElements(GLenum, GLuint, GLuint, GLsizei, GLenum,
				GLvoid *);
extern void glTexImage3D(GLenum, GLint, GLint, GLsizei, GLsizei, GLsizei,
			 GLint, GLenum, GLenum, GLvoid *);
extern void glTexSubImage3D(GLenum, GLint, GLint, GLint, GLint, GLsizei,
			    GLsizei, GLsizei, GLenum, GLenum, GLvoid *);
extern void glCopyTexSubImage3D(GLenum, GLint, GLint, GLint, GLint, GLint,
				GLint, GLsizei, GLsizei);
extern void glColorTable(GLenum, GLenum, GLsizei, GLenum, GLenum,
			 GLvoid *);
extern void glColorSubTable(GLenum, GLsizei, GLsizei, GLenum, GLenum,
			    GLvoid *);
extern void glColorTableParameteriv(GLenum, GLenum, GLint *);
extern void glColorTableParameterfv(GLenum, GLenum, GLfloat *);
extern void glCopyColorSubTable(GLenum, GLsizei, GLint, GLint, GLsizei);
extern void glCopyColorTable(GLenum, GLenum, GLint, GLint, GLsizei);
extern void glGetColorTable(GLenum, GLenum, GLenum, GLvoid *);
extern void glGetColorTableParameterfv(GLenum, GLenum, GLfloat *);
extern void glGetColorTableParameteriv(GLenum, GLenum, GLint *);
extern void glBlendEquation(GLenum);
extern void glBlendColor(GLclampf, GLclampf, GLclampf, GLclampf);
extern void glHistogram(GLenum, GLsizei, GLenum, GLboolean);
extern void glResetHistogram(GLenum);
extern void glGetHistogram(GLenum, GLboolean, GLenum, GLenum, GLvoid *);
extern void glGetHistogramParameterfv(GLenum, GLenum, GLfloat *);
extern void glGetHistogramParameteriv(GLenum, GLenum, GLint *);
extern void glMinmax(GLenum, GLenum, GLboolean);
extern void glResetMinmax(GLenum);
extern void glGetMinmax(GLenum, GLboolean, GLenum, GLenum, GLvoid *);
extern void glGetMinmaxParameterfv(GLenum, GLenum, GLfloat *);
extern void glGetMinmaxParameteriv(GLenum, GLenum, GLint *);
extern void glConvolutionFilter1D(GLenum, GLenum, GLsizei, GLenum, GLenum,
				  GLvoid *);
extern void glConvolutionFilter2D(GLenum, GLenum, GLsizei, GLsizei, GLenum,
				  GLenum, GLvoid *);
extern void glConvolutionParameterf(GLenum, GLenum, GLfloat);
extern void glConvolutionParameterfv(GLenum, GLenum, GLfloat *);
extern void glConvolutionParameteri(GLenum, GLenum, GLint);
extern void glConvolutionParameteriv(GLenum, GLenum, GLint *);
extern void glCopyConvolutionFilter1D(GLenum, GLenum, GLint, GLint,
extern void glCopyConvolutionFilter2D(GLenum, GLenum, GLint, GLint,
				      GLsizei, GLsizei);
extern void glGetConvolutionFilter(GLenum, GLenum, GLenum, GLvoid *);
extern void glGetConvolutionParameterfv(GLenum, GLenum, GLfloat *);
extern void glGetConvolutionParameteriv(GLenum, GLenum, GLint *);
extern void glSeparableFilter2D(GLenum, GLenum, GLsizei, GLsizei, GLenum,
				GLenum, GLvoid *, GLvoid *);
extern void glGetSeparableFilter(GLenum, GLenum, GLenum, GLvoid *,
				 GLvoid *, GLvoid *);
extern void glActiveTextureARB(GLenum);
extern void glClientActiveTextureARB(GLenum);
extern void glMultiTexCoord1dARB(GLenum, GLdouble);
extern void glMultiTexCoord1dvARB(GLenum, GLdouble *);
extern void glMultiTexCoord1fARB(GLenum, GLfloat);
extern void glMultiTexCoord1fvARB(GLenum, GLfloat *);
extern void glMultiTexCoord1iARB(GLenum, GLint);
extern void glMultiTexCoord1ivARB(GLenum, GLint *);
extern void glMultiTexCoord1sARB(GLenum, GLshort);
extern void glMultiTexCoord1svARB(GLenum, GLshort *);
extern void glMultiTexCoord2dARB(GLenum, GLdouble, GLdouble);
extern void glMultiTexCoord2dvARB(GLenum, GLdouble *);
extern void glMultiTexCoord2fARB(GLenum, GLfloat, GLfloat);
extern void glMultiTexCoord2fvARB(GLenum, GLfloat *);
extern void glMultiTexCoord2iARB(GLenum, GLint, GLint);
extern void glMultiTexCoord2ivARB(GLenum, GLint *);
extern void glMultiTexCoord2sARB(GLenum, GLshort, GLshort);
extern void glMultiTexCoord2svARB(GLenum, GLshort *);
extern void glMultiTexCoord3dARB(GLenum, GLdouble, GLdouble, GLdouble);
extern void glMultiTexCoord3dvARB(GLenum, GLdouble *);
extern void glMultiTexCoord3fARB(GLenum, GLfloat, GLfloat, GLfloat);
extern void glMultiTexCoord3fvARB(GLenum, GLfloat *);
extern void glMultiTexCoord3iARB(GLenum, GLint, GLint, GLint);
extern void glMultiTexCoord3ivARB(GLenum, GLint *);
extern void glMultiTexCoord3sARB(GLenum, GLshort, GLshort, GLshort);
extern void glMultiTexCoord3svARB(GLenum, GLshort *);
extern void glMultiTexCoord4dARB(GLenum, GLdouble, GLdouble, GLdouble,
extern void glMultiTexCoord4dvARB(GLenum, GLdouble *);
extern void glMultiTexCoord4fARB(GLenum, GLfloat, GLfloat, GLfloat,
extern void glMultiTexCoord4fvARB(GLenum, GLfloat *);
extern void glMultiTexCoord4iARB(GLenum, GLint, GLint, GLint, GLint);
extern void glMultiTexCoord4ivARB(GLenum, GLint *);
extern void glMultiTexCoord4sARB(GLenum, GLshort, GLshort, GLshort,
extern void glMultiTexCoord4svARB(GLenum, GLshort *);

7.2.2. GL/glx.h

typedef struct __GLXcontextRec *GLXContext;
typedef struct __GLXFBConfigRec *GLXFBConfig;
typedef XID GLXContextID;
typedef XID GLXPixmap;
typedef XID GLXDrawable;
typedef XID GLXPbuffer;
typedef XID GLXWindow;
extern XVisualInfo *glXChooseVisual(Display *, int, int *);
extern void glXCopyContext(Display *, GLXContext, GLXContext,
			   unsigned long int);
extern GLXContext glXCreateContext(Display *, XVisualInfo *, GLXContext,
extern GLXPixmap glXCreateGLXPixmap(Display *, XVisualInfo *, Pixmap);
extern void glXDestroyContext(Display *, GLXContext);
extern void glXDestroyGLXPixmap(Display *, GLXPixmap);
extern void glXFreeContextEXT(Display *, GLXContext);
extern char *glXGetClientString(Display *, int);
extern int glXGetConfig(Display *, XVisualInfo *, int, int *);
extern GLXContextID glXGetContextIDEXT(GLXContext);
extern GLXContext glXGetCurrentContext(void);
extern Display *glXGetCurrentDisplay(void);
extern GLXDrawable glXGetCurrentDrawable(void);
extern GLXContext glXImportContextEXT(Display *, GLXContextID);
extern int glXIsDirect(Display *, GLXContext);
extern int glXMakeCurrent(Display *, GLXDrawable, GLXContext);
extern int glXQueryContextInfoEXT(Display *, GLXContext, int, int *);
extern int glXQueryExtension(Display *, int *, int *);
extern char *glXQueryExtensionsString(Display *, int);
extern char *glXQueryServerString(Display *, int, int);
extern int glXQueryVersion(Display *, int *, int *);
extern void glXSwapBuffers(Display *, GLXDrawable);
extern void glXUseXFont(Font, int, int, int);
extern void glXWaitGL(void);
extern void glXWaitX(void);
extern void (*glXGetProcAddressARB(const GLubyte * procName))
extern void glXGetSelectedEvent(Display *, GLXDrawable,
				unsigned long int *);
extern void glXSelectEvent(Display *, GLXDrawable, unsigned long int);
extern int glXQueryContext(Display *, GLXContext, int, int *);
extern GLXDrawable glXGetCurrentReadDrawable(void);
extern int glXMakeContextCurrent(Display *, GLXDrawable, GLXDrawable,
extern GLXContext glXCreateNewContext(Display *, GLXFBConfig, int,
				      GLXContext, int);
extern void glXQueryDrawable(Display *, GLXDrawable, int, unsigned int *);
extern void glXDestroyPbuffer(Display *, GLXPbuffer);
extern GLXPbuffer glXCreatePbuffer(Display *, GLXFBConfig, int *);
extern void glXDestroyPixmap(Display *, GLXPixmap);
extern GLXPixmap glXCreatePixmap(Display *, GLXFBConfig, Pixmap, int *);
extern void glXDestroyWindow(Display *, GLXWindow);
extern GLXWindow glXCreateWindow(Display *, GLXFBConfig, Window, int *);
extern XVisualInfo *glXGetVisualFromFBConfig(Display *, GLXFBConfig);
extern int glXGetFBConfigAttrib(Display *, GLXFBConfig, int, int *);
extern GLXFBConfig *glXChooseFBConfig(Display *, int, int *, int *);