Chapter 5. Symbol Mapping

This chapter defines how names are mapped from the source symbol to the object symbol.

Symbol Mapping

Symbols in a source program are translated by the compilation system into symbols that exist in the object file. The rules for this translation are defined here.

C++ Language

Because of the immaturity of the C++ ABI (for name mangling, exception handling, and other such issues), we do not standardize any libraries for C++ in this version of the Linux Standard Base. [1]

In a future version of this specification, name mangling rules will be specified so that C++ symbols can be mapped into symbol names in the object file.



It seems to be possible, using existing Linux development tools, to write an application in C++ which complies with this rule by linking statically with libstdc++ and all other libraries containing C++. The following command illustrates how this may be accomplished:

g++ -Wl,-Bdynamic,-lc,-Bstatic