png_get_iCCP -- get the embedded ICC profile data for given image


#include <png.h>

png_uint_32 png_get_iCCP(png_structp png_ptr, png_infop info_ptr, png_charpp name, int * compression_type, png_charpp profile, png_uint_32 * proflen);


png_get_iCCP() shall return the embedded ICC profile data in iCCP chunk. "name" shall contain the profile name, *compression_type shall contain the compression type, profile shall contain teh International Color Consortium color profile data and *proflen shall contain the length of the profile data in bytes. *compression_type must always be set to PNG_COMPRESSION_TYPE_BASE.

Return Value

On success, png_get_iCCP() shall return PNG_INFO_iCCP. Otherwise, the function shall return 0.