9.3. Interface Definitions for libjpeg

Table of Contents
jpeg_CreateCompress -- allocate and initialize a JPEG compression object
jpeg_CreateDecompress -- allocate and initialize a JPEG decompression object
jpeg_abort -- aborts the compression or decompression cycle
jpeg_abort_compress -- abort processing of JPEG compression operation
jpeg_abort_decompress -- abort processing of JPEG decompression operation
jpeg_add_quant_table -- add a quantization table
jpeg_alloc_huff_table -- allocate Huffman table
jpeg_alloc_quant_table -- allocate quantization table
jpeg_calc_output_dimensions -- compute output image dimensions
jpeg_consume_input -- decode input data
jpeg_copy_critical_parameters -- copy critical compression parameters from source decompression object
jpeg_default_colorspace -- set default colorspace based on input image's color space
jpeg_destroy -- deallocation of a JPEG object
jpeg_destroy_compress -- deallocate a JPEG compression object
jpeg_destroy_decompress -- deallocate a JPEG decompression object
jpeg_finish_compress -- complete the compression cycle
jpeg_finish_decompress -- complete decompression cycle
jpeg_finish_output -- complete pass in buffered-image mode
jpeg_has_multiple_scans -- test if input image has multiple scans
jpeg_input_complete -- test for end-of-image
jpeg_new_colormap -- switch to a new external colormap between output passes
jpeg_quality_scaling -- convert quality scaling to percentage scaling factor
jpeg_read_coefficients -- read the contents of JPEG file as DCT coefficients
jpeg_read_header -- read start of JPEG datastream
jpeg_read_raw_data -- read raw downsampled image data
jpeg_read_scanlines -- read scanlines of data from JPEG decompressor
jpeg_resync_to_restart -- resync if marker other than expected restart marker found
jpeg_save_markers -- save the contents of special markers
jpeg_set_colorspace -- set JPEG file's colorspace
jpeg_set_defaults -- set compression parameters to default values
jpeg_set_linear_quality -- construct JPEG quantization tables for indicated scale factor
jpeg_set_marker_processor -- set processor method for COM or APPn markers
jpeg_set_quality -- construct JPEG quantization tables for indicated quality
jpeg_simple_progression -- generate scan script for writing progressive JPEG file
jpeg_start_compress -- initialize a compression cycle
jpeg_start_decompress -- initialize a decompression cycle
jpeg_start_output -- initialize for a pass in buffered-image mode
jpeg_std_error -- update error manager with error handling routines
jpeg_stdio_dest -- Initialize state for output to stdio stream
jpeg_stdio_src -- Initialize state for input from stdio stream
jpeg_suppress_tables -- control quantization and Huffman table suppression
jpeg_write_coefficients -- Compression initialization for writing raw-coefficient data
jpeg_write_m_byte -- emit a byte of special marker data
jpeg_write_m_header -- emit header for special marker
jpeg_write_marker -- write special marker data
jpeg_write_raw_data -- write raw downsampled image data
jpeg_write_scanlines -- write scanlines of data to JPEG compressor
jpeg_write_tables -- create a tables-only file

The interfaces defined on the following pages are included in libjpeg and are defined by this specification. Unless otherwise noted, these interfaces shall be included in the source standard.

Other interfaces listed in Section 9.1 shall behave as described in the referenced base document.