14.6. Data Definitions for libncurses

This section defines global identifiers and their values that are associated with interfaces contained in libncurses. These definitions are organized into groups that correspond to system headers. This convention is used as a convenience for the reader, and does not imply the existence of these headers, or their content. Where an interface is defined as requiring a particular system header file all of the data definitions for that system header file presented here shall be in effect.

This section gives data definitions to promote binary application portability, not to repeat source interface definitions available elsewhere. System providers and application developers should use this ABI to supplement - not to replace - source interface definition specifications.

This specification uses the ISO C (1999) C Language as the reference programming language, and data definitions are specified in ISO C format. The C language is used here as a convenient notation. Using a C language description of these data objects does not preclude their use by other programming languages.

14.6.1. curses.h

#define ERR	(-1)
#define OK	(0)
#define ACS_RARROW	(acs_map['+'])
#define ACS_LARROW	(acs_map[','])
#define ACS_UARROW	(acs_map['-'])
#define ACS_DARROW	(acs_map['.'])
#define ACS_BLOCK	(acs_map['0'])
#define ACS_CKBOARD	(acs_map['a'])
#define ACS_DEGREE	(acs_map['f'])
#define ACS_PLMINUS	(acs_map['g'])
#define ACS_BOARD	(acs_map['h'])
#define ACS_LANTERN	(acs_map['i'])
#define ACS_LRCORNER	(acs_map['j'])
#define ACS_URCORNER	(acs_map['k'])
#define ACS_ULCORNER	(acs_map['l'])
#define ACS_LLCORNER	(acs_map['m'])
#define ACS_PLUS	(acs_map['n'])
#define ACS_S1	(acs_map['o'])
#define ACS_HLINE	(acs_map['q'])
#define ACS_S9	(acs_map['s'])
#define ACS_LTEE	(acs_map['t'])
#define ACS_RTEE	(acs_map['u'])
#define ACS_BTEE	(acs_map['v'])
#define ACS_TTEE	(acs_map['w'])
#define ACS_VLINE	(acs_map['x'])
#define ACS_DIAMOND	(acs_map['`'])
#define ACS_BULLET	(acs_map['~'])
#define getmaxyx(win,y,x)	\
#define getbegyx(win,y,x)	\
#define getyx(win,y,x)	\
#define getparyx(win,y,x)	\

#define __NCURSES_H	1
#define NCURSES_EXPORT(type)	type
#define NCURSES_EXPORT_VAR(type)	type

#define WA_BOLD	A_BOLD
#define WA_DIM	A_DIM
#define WA_LEFT	A_LEFT
#define WA_LOW	A_LOW
#define WA_TOP	A_TOP

#define COLOR_BLACK	0
#define COLOR_RED	1
#define COLOR_GREEN	2
#define COLOR_YELLOW	3
#define COLOR_BLUE	4
#define COLOR_CYAN	6
#define COLOR_WHITE	7

#define _SUBWIN	0x01
#define _ENDLINE	0x02
#define _FULLWIN	0x04
#define _SCROLLWIN	0x08
#define _ISPAD	0x10
#define _HASMOVED	0x20

typedef unsigned char bool;

typedef unsigned long int chtype;
typedef struct screen SCREEN;
typedef struct _win_st WINDOW;
typedef chtype attr_t;
typedef struct {
    attr_t attr;
    wchar_t chars[5];
} cchar_t;
struct pdat {
    short _pad_y;
    short _pad_x;
    short _pad_top;
    short _pad_left;
    short _pad_bottom;
    short _pad_right;

struct _win_st {
    short _cury;		/* current cursor position */
    short _curx;
    short _maxy;		/* maximums of x and y, NOT window size */
    short _maxx;
    short _begy;		/* screen coords of upper-left-hand corner */
    short _begx;
    short _flags;		/* window state flags */
    attr_t _attrs;		/* current attribute for non-space character */
    chtype _bkgd;		/* current background char/attribute pair */
    bool _notimeout;		/* no time out on function-key entry? */
    bool _clear;		/* consider all data in the window invalid? */
    bool _leaveok;		/* OK to not reset cursor on exit? */
    bool _scroll;		/* OK to scroll this window? */
    bool _idlok;		/* OK to use insert/delete line? */
    bool _idcok;		/* OK to use insert/delete char? */
    bool _immed;		/* window in immed mode? (not yet used) */
    bool _sync;			/* window in sync mode? */
    bool _use_keypad;		/* process function keys into KEY_ symbols? */
    int _delay;			/* 0 = nodelay, <0 = blocking, >0 = delay */
    struct ldat *_line;		/* the actual line data */
    short _regtop;		/* top line of scrolling region */
    short _regbottom;		/* bottom line of scrolling region */
    int _parx;			/* x coordinate of this window in parent */
    int _pary;			/* y coordinate of this window in parent */
    WINDOW *_parent;		/* pointer to parent if a sub-window */
    struct pdat _pad;
    short _yoffset;		/* real begy is _begy + _yoffset */
    cchar_t _bkgrnd;		/* current background char/attribute pair */

#define KEY_F(n)	(KEY_F0+(n))
#define KEY_CODE_YES	0400
#define KEY_BREAK	0401
#define KEY_MIN	0401
#define KEY_DOWN	0402
#define KEY_UP	0403
#define KEY_LEFT	0404
#define KEY_RIGHT	0405
#define KEY_HOME	0406
#define KEY_BACKSPACE	0407
#define KEY_F0	0410
#define KEY_DL	0510
#define KEY_IL	0511
#define KEY_DC	0512
#define KEY_IC	0513
#define KEY_EIC	0514
#define KEY_CLEAR	0515
#define KEY_EOS	0516
#define KEY_EOL	0517
#define KEY_SF	0520
#define KEY_SR	0521
#define KEY_NPAGE	0522
#define KEY_PPAGE	0523
#define KEY_STAB	0524
#define KEY_CTAB	0525
#define KEY_CATAB	0526
#define KEY_ENTER	0527
#define KEY_SRESET	0530
#define KEY_RESET	0531
#define KEY_PRINT	0532
#define KEY_LL	0533
#define KEY_A1	0534
#define KEY_A3	0535
#define KEY_B2	0536
#define KEY_C1	0537
#define KEY_C3	0540
#define KEY_BTAB	0541
#define KEY_BEG	0542
#define KEY_CANCEL	0543
#define KEY_CLOSE	0544
#define KEY_COMMAND	0545
#define KEY_COPY	0546
#define KEY_CREATE	0547
#define KEY_END	0550
#define KEY_EXIT	0551
#define KEY_FIND	0552
#define KEY_HELP	0553
#define KEY_MARK	0554
#define KEY_MESSAGE	0555
#define KEY_MOVE	0556
#define KEY_NEXT	0557
#define KEY_OPEN	0560
#define KEY_OPTIONS	0561
#define KEY_PREVIOUS	0562
#define KEY_REDO	0563
#define KEY_REFERENCE	0564
#define KEY_REFRESH	0565
#define KEY_REPLACE	0566
#define KEY_RESTART	0567
#define KEY_RESUME	0570
#define KEY_SAVE	0571
#define KEY_SBEG	0572
#define KEY_SCANCEL	0573
#define KEY_SCOMMAND	0574
#define KEY_SCOPY	0575
#define KEY_SCREATE	0576
#define KEY_SDC	0577
#define KEY_SDL	0600
#define KEY_SELECT	0601
#define KEY_SEND	0602
#define KEY_SEOL	0603
#define KEY_SEXIT	0604
#define KEY_SFIND	0605
#define KEY_SHELP	0606
#define KEY_SHOME	0607
#define KEY_SIC	0610
#define KEY_SLEFT	0611
#define KEY_SMESSAGE	0612
#define KEY_SMOVE	0613
#define KEY_SNEXT	0614
#define KEY_SOPTIONS	0615
#define KEY_SPREVIOUS	0616
#define KEY_SPRINT	0617
#define KEY_SREDO	0620
#define KEY_SREPLACE	0621
#define KEY_SRIGHT	0622
#define KEY_SRSUME	0623
#define KEY_SSAVE	0624
#define KEY_SSUSPEND	0625
#define KEY_SUNDO	0626
#define KEY_SUSPEND	0627
#define KEY_UNDO	0630
#define KEY_MOUSE	0631
#define KEY_RESIZE	0632
#define KEY_MAX	0777

#define PAIR_NUMBER(a)	(((a)&A_COLOR)>>8)
#define NCURSES_BITS(mask,shift)	((mask)<<((shift)+8))
#define A_NORMAL	0L
#define A_COLOR	NCURSES_BITS(((1UL)<<8)-1UL,0)
#define A_DIM	NCURSES_BITS(1UL,12)
#define A_LOW	NCURSES_BITS(1UL,19)
#define A_TOP	NCURSES_BITS(1UL,21)

extern int COLORS;
extern int COLOR_PAIRS;
extern int COLS;
extern int LINES;
extern chtype acs_map[];
extern int addch(const chtype);
extern int addchnstr(const chtype *, int);
extern int addchstr(const chtype *);
extern int addnstr(const char *, int);
extern int addstr(const char *);
extern int attr_get(attr_t *, short *, void *);
extern int attr_off(attr_t, void *);
extern int attr_on(attr_t, void *);
extern int attr_set(attr_t, short, void *);
extern int attroff(int);
extern int attron(int);
extern int attrset(int);
extern int baudrate(void);
extern int beep(void);
extern int bkgd(chtype);
extern void bkgdset(chtype);
extern int border(chtype, chtype, chtype, chtype, chtype, chtype, chtype,
extern int box(WINDOW *, chtype, chtype);
extern bool can_change_color(void);
extern int cbreak(void);
extern int chgat(int, attr_t, short, const void *);
extern int clear(void);
extern int clearok(WINDOW *, bool);
extern int clrtobot(void);
extern int clrtoeol(void);
extern int color_content(short, short *, short *, short *);
extern int color_set(short, void *);
extern int copywin(const WINDOW *, WINDOW *, int, int, int, int, int, int,
extern int curs_set(int);
extern WINDOW *curscr;
extern int def_prog_mode(void);
extern int def_shell_mode(void);
extern int delay_output(int);
extern int delch(void);
extern int deleteln(void);
extern void delscreen(SCREEN *);
extern int delwin(WINDOW *);
extern WINDOW *derwin(WINDOW *, int, int, int, int);
extern int doupdate(void);
extern WINDOW *dupwin(WINDOW *);
extern int echo(void);
extern int echochar(const chtype);
extern int endwin(void);
extern int erase(void);
extern char erasechar(void);
extern void filter(void);
extern int flash(void);
extern int flushinp(void);
extern chtype getbkgd(WINDOW *);
extern int getch(void);
extern int getnstr(char *, int);
extern int getstr(char *);
extern WINDOW *getwin(FILE *);
extern int halfdelay(int);
extern bool has_colors(void);
extern bool has_ic(void);
extern bool has_il(void);
extern int hline(chtype, int);
extern void idcok(WINDOW *, bool);
extern int idlok(WINDOW *, bool);
extern void immedok(WINDOW *, bool);
extern chtype inch(void);
extern int inchnstr(chtype *, int);
extern int inchstr(chtype *);
extern int init_color(short, short, short, short);
extern int init_pair(short, short, short);
extern WINDOW *initscr(void);
extern int innstr(char *, int);
extern int insch(chtype);
extern int insdelln(int);
extern int insertln(void);
extern int insnstr(const char *, int);
extern int insstr(const char *);
extern int instr(char *);
extern int intrflush(WINDOW *, bool);
extern bool is_linetouched(WINDOW *, int);
extern bool is_wintouched(WINDOW *);
extern bool isendwin(void);
extern const char *keyname(int);
extern int keypad(WINDOW *, bool);
extern char killchar(void);
extern int leaveok(WINDOW *, bool);
extern char *longname(void);
extern int meta(WINDOW *, bool);
extern int move(int, int);
extern int mvaddch(int, int, const chtype);
extern int mvaddchnstr(int, int, const chtype *, int);
extern int mvaddchstr(int, int, const chtype *);
extern int mvaddnstr(int, int, const char *, int);
extern int mvaddstr(int, int, const char *);
extern int mvchgat(int, int, int, attr_t, short, const void *);
extern int mvcur(int, int, int, int);
extern int mvdelch(int, int);
extern int mvderwin(WINDOW *, int, int);
extern int mvgetch(int, int);
extern int mvgetnstr(int, int, char *, int);
extern int mvgetstr(int, int, char *);
extern int mvhline(int, int, chtype, int);
extern chtype mvinch(int, int);
extern int mvinchnstr(int, int, chtype *, int);
extern int mvinchstr(int, int, chtype *);
extern int mvinnstr(int, int, char *, int);
extern int mvinsch(int, int, chtype);
extern int mvinsnstr(int, int, const char *, int);
extern int mvinsstr(int, int, const char *);
extern int mvinstr(int, int, char *);
extern int mvprintw(int, int, const char *, ...);
extern int mvscanw(int, int, const char *, ...);
extern int mvvline(int, int, chtype, int);
extern int mvwaddch(WINDOW *, int, int, const chtype);
extern int mvwaddchnstr(WINDOW *, int, int, const chtype *, int);
extern int mvwaddchstr(WINDOW *, int, int, const chtype *);
extern int mvwaddnstr(WINDOW *, int, int, const char *, int);
extern int mvwaddstr(WINDOW *, int, int, const char *);
extern int mvwchgat(WINDOW *, int, int, int, attr_t, short, const void *);
extern int mvwdelch(WINDOW *, int, int);
extern int mvwgetch(WINDOW *, int, int);
extern int mvwgetnstr(WINDOW *, int, int, char *, int);
extern int mvwgetstr(WINDOW *, int, int, char *);
extern int mvwhline(WINDOW *, int, int, chtype, int);
extern int mvwin(WINDOW *, int, int);
extern chtype mvwinch(WINDOW *, int, int);
extern int mvwinchnstr(WINDOW *, int, int, chtype *, int);
extern int mvwinchstr(WINDOW *, int, int, chtype *);
extern int mvwinnstr(WINDOW *, int, int, char *, int);
extern int mvwinsch(WINDOW *, int, int, chtype);
extern int mvwinsnstr(WINDOW *, int, int, const char *, int);
extern int mvwinsstr(WINDOW *, int, int, const char *);
extern int mvwinstr(WINDOW *, int, int, char *);
extern int mvwprintw(WINDOW *, int, int, const char *, ...);
extern int mvwscanw(WINDOW *, int, int, const char *, ...);
extern int mvwvline(WINDOW *, int, int, chtype, int);
extern int napms(int);
extern WINDOW *newpad(int, int);
extern SCREEN *newterm(const char *, FILE *, FILE *);
extern WINDOW *newwin(int, int, int, int);
extern int nl(void);
extern int nocbreak(void);
extern int nodelay(WINDOW *, bool);
extern int noecho(void);
extern int nonl(void);
extern void noqiflush(void);
extern int noraw(void);
extern int notimeout(WINDOW *, bool);
extern int overlay(const WINDOW *, WINDOW *);
extern int overwrite(const WINDOW *, WINDOW *);
extern int pair_content(short, short *, short *);
extern int pechochar(WINDOW *, chtype);
extern int pnoutrefresh(WINDOW *, int, int, int, int, int, int);
extern int prefresh(WINDOW *, int, int, int, int, int, int);
extern int printw(const char *, ...);
extern int putwin(WINDOW *, FILE *);
extern void qiflush(void);
extern int raw(void);
extern int redrawwin(WINDOW *);
extern int refresh(void);
extern int reset_prog_mode(void);
extern int reset_shell_mode(void);
extern int resetty(void);
extern int ripoffline(int, int (*)(WINDOW *, int));
extern int savetty(void);
extern int scanw(const char *, ...);
extern int scr_dump(const char *);
extern int scr_init(const char *);
extern int scr_restore(const char *);
extern int scr_set(const char *);
extern int scrl(int);
extern int scroll(WINDOW *);
extern int scrollok(WINDOW *, bool);
extern SCREEN *set_term(SCREEN *);
extern int setscrreg(int, int);
extern int slk_attr_set(const attr_t, short, void *);
extern int slk_attroff(const chtype);
extern int slk_attron(const chtype);
extern int slk_attrset(const chtype);
extern int slk_clear(void);
extern int slk_color(short);
extern int slk_init(int);
extern char *slk_label(int);
extern int slk_noutrefresh(void);
extern int slk_refresh(void);
extern int slk_restore(void);
extern int slk_set(int, const char *, int);
extern int slk_touch(void);
extern int standend(void);
extern int standout(void);
extern int start_color(void);
extern WINDOW *stdscr;
extern WINDOW *subpad(WINDOW *, int, int, int, int);
extern WINDOW *subwin(WINDOW *, int, int, int, int);
extern int syncok(WINDOW *, bool);
extern chtype termattrs(void);
extern char *termname(void);
extern void timeout(int);
extern int touchline(WINDOW *, int, int);
extern int touchwin(WINDOW *);
extern int typeahead(int);
extern const char *unctrl(chtype);
extern int ungetch(int);
extern int untouchwin(WINDOW *);
extern void use_env(bool);
extern int vidattr(chtype);
extern int vidputs(chtype, int (*)(int));
extern int vline(chtype, int);
extern int vw_printw(WINDOW *, const char *, va_list);
extern int vw_scanw(WINDOW *, const char *, va_list);
extern int vwprintw(WINDOW *, const char *, va_list);
extern int vwscanw(WINDOW *, const char *, va_list);
extern int waddch(WINDOW *, const chtype);
extern int waddchnstr(WINDOW *, const chtype *, int);
extern int waddchstr(WINDOW *, const chtype *);
extern int waddnstr(WINDOW *, const char *, int);
extern int waddstr(WINDOW *, const char *);
extern int wattr_get(WINDOW *, attr_t *, short *, void *);
extern int wattr_off(WINDOW *, attr_t, void *);
extern int wattr_on(WINDOW *, attr_t, void *);
extern int wattr_set(WINDOW *, attr_t, short, void *);
extern int wattroff(WINDOW *, int);
extern int wattron(WINDOW *, int);
extern int wattrset(WINDOW *, int);
extern int wbkgd(WINDOW *, chtype);
extern void wbkgdset(WINDOW *, chtype);
extern int wborder(WINDOW *, chtype, chtype, chtype, chtype, chtype,
		   chtype, chtype, chtype);
extern int wchgat(WINDOW *, int, attr_t, short, const void *);
extern int wclear(WINDOW *);
extern int wclrtobot(WINDOW *);
extern int wclrtoeol(WINDOW *);
extern int wcolor_set(WINDOW *, short, void *);
extern void wcursyncup(WINDOW *);
extern int wdelch(WINDOW *);
extern int wdeleteln(WINDOW *);
extern int wechochar(WINDOW *, const chtype);
extern int werase(WINDOW *);
extern int wgetch(WINDOW *);
extern int wgetnstr(WINDOW *, char *, int);
extern int wgetstr(WINDOW *, char *);
extern int whline(WINDOW *, chtype, int);
extern chtype winch(WINDOW *);
extern int winchnstr(WINDOW *, chtype *, int);
extern int winchstr(WINDOW *, chtype *);
extern int winnstr(WINDOW *, char *, int);
extern int winsch(WINDOW *, chtype);
extern int winsdelln(WINDOW *, int);
extern int winsertln(WINDOW *);
extern int winsnstr(WINDOW *, const char *, int);
extern int winsstr(WINDOW *, const char *);
extern int winstr(WINDOW *, char *);
extern int wmove(WINDOW *, int, int);
extern int wnoutrefresh(WINDOW *);
extern int wprintw(WINDOW *, const char *, ...);
extern int wredrawln(WINDOW *, int, int);
extern int wrefresh(WINDOW *);
extern int wscanw(WINDOW *, const char *, ...);
extern int wscrl(WINDOW *, int);
extern int wsetscrreg(WINDOW *, int, int);
extern int wstandend(WINDOW *);
extern int wstandout(WINDOW *);
extern void wsyncdown(WINDOW *);
extern void wsyncup(WINDOW *);
extern void wtimeout(WINDOW *, int);
extern int wtouchln(WINDOW *, int, int, int);
extern int wvline(WINDOW *, chtype, int);

14.6.2. term.h

extern TERMINAL *cur_term;
extern int del_curterm(TERMINAL *);
extern int putp(const char *);
extern int restartterm(char *, int, int *);
extern TERMINAL *set_curterm(TERMINAL *);
extern int setupterm(char *, int, int *);
extern int tgetent(char *, const char *);
extern int tgetflag(char *);
extern int tgetnum(char *);
extern char *tgetstr(char *, char **);
extern char *tgoto(const char *, int, int);
extern int tigetflag(const char *);
extern int tigetnum(const char *);
extern char *tigetstr(const char *);
extern char *tparm(const char *, ...);
extern int tputs(const char *, int, int (*)(int));