13.8. Interface Definitions for libm

Table of Contents
__finite -- test for infinity
__finitef -- test for infinity
__finitel -- test for infinity
__fpclassify -- Classify real floating type
__fpclassifyf -- Classify real floating type
__signbit -- test sign of floating point value
__signbitf -- test sign of floating point value
clog10 -- Logarithm of a Complex Number
clog10f -- Logarithm of a Complex Number
clog10l -- Logarithm of a Complex Number
drem -- Floating Point Remainder (DEPRECATED)
dremf -- Floating Point Remainder (DEPRECATED)
dreml -- Floating Point Remainder (DEPRECATED)
exp10 -- Base-10 power function
exp10f -- Base-10 power function
exp10l -- Base-10 power function
fedisableexcept -- disable floating point exceptions
feenableexcept -- enable floating point exceptions
fegetexcept -- query floating point exception handling state
finite -- test for infinity (DEPRECATED)
finitef -- test for infinity (DEPRECATED)
finitel -- test for infinity (DEPRECATED)
gamma -- log gamma function (DEPRECATED)
gammaf -- log gamma function (DEPRECATED)
gammal -- log gamma function (DEPRECATED)
j0f -- Bessel functions
j0l -- Bessel functions
j1f -- Bessel functions
j1l -- Bessel functions
jnf -- Bessel functions
jnl -- Bessel functions
lgamma_r -- log gamma functions
lgammaf_r -- log gamma functions
lgammal_r -- log gamma functions
pow10 -- Base-10 power function
pow10f -- Base-10 power function
pow10l -- Base-10 power function
scalbf -- load exponent of radix-independent floating point number
scalbl -- load exponent of radix-independent floating point number
significand -- floating point mantissa
significandf -- floating point mantissa
significandl -- floating point mantissa
sincos -- trigonometric functions
sincosf -- trigonometric functions
sincosl -- trigonometric functions
y0f -- Bessel functions
y0l -- Bessel functions
y1f -- Bessel functions
y1l -- Bessel functions
ynf -- Bessel functions
ynl -- Bessel functions

The interfaces defined on the following pages are included in libm and are defined by this specification. Unless otherwise noted, these interfaces shall be included in the source standard.

Other interfaces listed in Section 13.6 shall behave as described in the referenced base document.