xdrstdio_create -- library routines for external data representation


#include <rpc/xdr.h>

void xdrstdio_create(XDR * xdrs, FILE * file, enum xdr_op op);


The xdrstdio_create() function shall initialize the XDR stream object referred to by xdrs. The XDR stream data shall be written to, or read from, the standard I/O stream associated with file. If the operation op is XDR_ENCODE, encoded data shall be written to file. If op is XDR_DECODE, encoded data shall be read from file. If op is XDR_FREE, the XDR stream object may be used to deallocate storage allocated by a previous XDR_DECODE.

The associated destroy function shall flush the file I/O stream, but not close it.

Return Value