III. Base Libraries

Table of Contents
13. Base Libraries
13.1. Introduction
13.2. Program Interpreter
13.3. Interfaces for libc
13.3.1. RPC
13.3.2. System Calls
13.3.3. Standard I/O
13.3.4. Signal Handling
13.3.5. Localization Functions
13.3.6. Posix Spawn Option
13.3.7. Posix Advisory Option
13.3.8. Socket Interface
13.3.9. Wide Characters
13.3.10. String Functions
13.3.11. IPC Functions
13.3.12. Regular Expressions
13.3.13. Character Type Functions
13.3.14. Time Manipulation
13.3.15. Terminal Interface Functions
13.3.16. System Database Interface
13.3.17. Language Support
13.3.18. Large File Support
13.3.19. Standard Library
13.4. Data Definitions for libc
13.4.1. arpa/inet.h
13.4.2. assert.h
13.4.3. ctype.h
13.4.4. dirent.h
13.4.5. err.h
13.4.6. errno.h
13.4.7. fcntl.h
13.4.8. fmtmsg.h
13.4.9. fnmatch.h
13.4.10. ftw.h
13.4.11. getopt.h
13.4.12. glob.h
13.4.13. grp.h
13.4.14. iconv.h
13.4.15. inttypes.h
13.4.16. langinfo.h
13.4.17. libgen.h
13.4.18. libintl.h
13.4.19. limits.h
13.4.20. locale.h
13.4.21. monetary.h
13.4.22. net/if.h
13.4.23. netdb.h
13.4.24. netinet/in.h
13.4.25. netinet/ip.h
13.4.26. netinet/tcp.h
13.4.27. netinet/udp.h
13.4.28. nl_types.h
13.4.29. poll.h
13.4.30. pty.h
13.4.31. pwd.h
13.4.32. regex.h
13.4.33. rpc/auth.h
13.4.34. rpc/clnt.h
13.4.35. rpc/pmap_clnt.h
13.4.36. rpc/rpc_msg.h
13.4.37. rpc/svc.h
13.4.38. rpc/types.h
13.4.39. rpc/xdr.h
13.4.40. sched.h
13.4.41. search.h
13.4.42. setjmp.h
13.4.43. signal.h
13.4.44. spawn.h
13.4.45. stddef.h
13.4.46. stdint.h
13.4.47. stdio.h
13.4.48. stdlib.h
13.4.49. string.h
13.4.50. strings.h
13.4.51. sys/file.h
13.4.52. sys/ioctl.h
13.4.53. sys/ipc.h
13.4.54. sys/mman.h
13.4.55. sys/msg.h
13.4.56. sys/param.h
13.4.57. sys/poll.h
13.4.58. sys/resource.h
13.4.59. sys/select.h
13.4.60. sys/sem.h
13.4.61. sys/shm.h
13.4.62. sys/socket.h
13.4.63. sys/stat.h
13.4.64. sys/statfs.h
13.4.65. sys/statvfs.h
13.4.66. sys/time.h
13.4.67. sys/timeb.h
13.4.68. sys/times.h
13.4.69. sys/types.h
13.4.70. sys/uio.h
13.4.71. sys/un.h
13.4.72. sys/utsname.h
13.4.73. sys/wait.h
13.4.74. syslog.h
13.4.75. termios.h
13.4.76. time.h
13.4.77. ucontext.h
13.4.78. ulimit.h
13.4.79. unistd.h
13.4.80. utime.h
13.4.81. utmp.h
13.4.82. utmpx.h
13.4.83. wchar.h
13.4.84. wctype.h
13.4.85. wordexp.h
13.5. Interface Definitions for libc
_IO_feof -- alias for feof
_IO_getc -- alias for getc
_IO_putc -- alias for putc
_IO_puts -- alias for puts
__assert_fail -- abort the program after false assertion
__ctype_b_loc -- accessor function for __ctype_b array for ctype functions
__ctype_get_mb_cur_max -- maximum length of a multibyte character in the current locale
__ctype_tolower_loc -- accessor function for __ctype_b_tolower array for ctype tolower() function
__ctype_toupper_loc -- accessor function for __ctype_b_toupper() array for ctype toupper() function
__cxa_atexit -- register a function to be called by exit or when a shared library is unloaded
__cxa_finalize -- call destructors of global (or local static) C++ objects and exit functions registered with atexit
__daylight -- daylight savings time flag
__environ -- alias for environ - user environment
__errno_location -- address of errno variable
__fpending -- returns in bytes the amount of output pending on a stream
__getpagesize -- alias for getpagesize - get current page size
__getpgid -- get the process group id
__h_errno_location -- address of h_errno variable
__isinf -- test for infinity
__isinff -- test for infinity
__isinfl -- test for infinity
__isnan -- test for infinity
__isnanf -- test for infinity
__isnanl -- test for infinity
__libc_current_sigrtmax -- return number of available real-time signal with lowest priority
__libc_current_sigrtmin -- return number of available real-time signal with highest priority
__libc_start_main -- initialization routine
__lxstat -- inline wrapper around call to lxstat
__mempcpy -- copy given number of bytes of source to destination
__rawmemchr -- scan memory
__register_atfork -- alias for register_atfork
__sigsetjmp -- save stack context for non-local goto
__stpcpy -- alias for stpcpy
__strdup -- alias for strdup
__strtod_internal -- underlying function for strtod
__strtof_internal -- underlying function for strtof
__strtok_r -- alias for strtok_r
__strtol_internal -- alias for strtol
__strtold_internal -- underlying function for strtold
__strtoll_internal -- underlying function for strtoll
__strtoul_internal -- underlying function for strtoul
__strtoull_internal -- underlying function for strtoull
__sysconf -- get configuration information at runtime
__sysv_signal -- signal handling
__timezone -- global variable containing timezone
__tzname -- global variable containing the timezone
__wcstod_internal -- underlying function for wcstod
__wcstof_internal -- underlying function for wcstof
__wcstol_internal -- underlying function for wcstol
__wcstold_internal -- underlying function for wcstold
__wcstoul_internal -- underlying function for wcstoul
__xmknod -- make block or character special file
__xpg_basename -- return the last component of a file name
__xpg_sigpause -- remove a signal from the signal mask and suspend the thread
__xpg_strerror_r -- return string describing error number
__xstat -- get File Status
__xstat64 -- get File Status
_environ -- alias for environ - user environment
_nl_msg_cat_cntr -- new catalog load counter
_sys_errlist -- array containing the "C" locale strings used by strerror()
_sys_siglist -- array containing the names of the signal names
acct -- switch process accounting on or off
adjtime -- correct the time to allow synchronization of the system clock
asprintf -- write formatted output to a dynamically allocated string
basename -- return the last component of a file name
bind_textdomain_codeset -- specify encoding for message retrieval
bindresvport -- bind socket to privileged IP port
bindtextdomain -- specify the location of a message catalog
cfmakeraw -- get and set terminal attributes
cfsetspeed -- set terminal input and output data rate
daemon -- run in the background
dcgettext -- perform domain and category specific lookup in message catalog
dcngettext -- perform domain and category specific lookup in message catalog with plural
dgettext -- perform lookup in message catalog for the current LC_MESSAGES locale
dngettext -- perform lookup in message catalog for the current locale
duplocale -- provide new handle for selection of locale
endutent -- access utmp file entries
err -- display formatted error messages
error -- print error message
errx -- display formatted error message and exit
fcntl -- file control
fflush_unlocked -- non thread safe fflush
fgetwc_unlocked -- non thread safe fgetwc
flock -- apply or remove an advisory lock on an open file
freelocale -- free a locale object
fscanf -- convert formatted input
fstatfs -- (deprecated)
fstatfs64 -- (deprecated)
fwscanf -- convert formatted input
getdomainname -- get NIS domain name (DEPRECATED).
getdtablesize -- get file descriptor table size (DEPRECATED)
getgrouplist -- get groups a user belongs to
gethostbyaddr_r -- find network host database entry matching host name (DEPRECATED)
gethostbyname2 -- find network host database entry matching host name (DEPRECATED)
gethostbyname2_r -- find network host database entry matching host name (DEPRECATED)
gethostbyname_r -- find network host database entry matching host name (DEPRECATED)
getloadavg -- get system load averages
getopt -- parse command line options
getopt_long -- parse command line options
getopt_long_only -- parse command line options
getpagesize -- get memory page size (DEPRECATED)
getsockopt -- get socket options
gettext -- search message catalogs for a string
getutent -- access user accounting database entries
getutent_r -- access user accounting database entries
glob64 -- find pathnames matching a pattern (Large File Support)
globfree64 -- free memory from glob64() (Large File Support)
inet_aton -- Internet address manipulation routine
initgroups -- initialize the supplementary group access list
ioctl -- control device
sockio -- socket ioctl commands
ttyio -- tty ioctl commands
kill -- send a signal
link -- create a link to a file
mbsnrtowcs -- convert a multibyte string to a wide character string
memmem -- locate bytes
memrchr -- scan memory for a character
mremap -- remap a virtual memory address
newlocale -- allocate a locale object
ngettext -- search message catalogs for plural string
pmap_getport -- find the port number assigned to a service registered with a portmapper.
pmap_set -- establishes mapping to machine's RPC Bind service.
pmap_unset --  destroys RPC Binding
posix_fadvise64 -- File advisory information (Large File Support)
posix_fallocate64 -- file space control (Large File Support)
psignal -- print signal message
readdir64_r -- read a directory (Large File Support)
regexec -- regular expression matching
scanf -- convert formatted input
sched_setscheduler -- set scheduling policy and parameters
setbuffer -- stream buffering operation
setgroups -- set list of supplementary group IDs
sethostname -- set host name
setsockopt -- set socket options
setutent -- access user accounting database entries
sigandset -- build a new signal set by combining the two input sets using logical AND
sigisemptyset -- check for empty signal set
sigorset -- build a new signal set by combining the two input sets using logical OR
sigpause -- remove a signal from the signal mask and suspend the thread (deprecated)
sigreturn -- return from signal handler and cleanup stack frame
sscanf -- convert formatted input
statfs -- (deprecated)
statfs64 -- (deprecated)
stime -- set time
stpcpy -- copy a string returning a pointer to its end
stpncpy -- copy a fixed-size string, returning a pointer to its end
strcasestr -- locate a substring ignoring case
strerror_r -- return string describing error number
strndup -- return a malloc'd copy of at most the specified number of bytes of a string
strnlen -- determine the length of a fixed-size string
strptime -- parse a time string
strsep -- extract token from string
strsignal -- return string describing signal
strtoq -- convert string value to a long or quad_t integer
strtouq -- convert a string to an unsigned long long
svc_register -- register Remote Procedure Call interface
svc_run -- waits for RPC requests to arrive and calls service procedure
svc_sendreply -- called by RPC service's dispatch routine
svctcp_create -- create a TCP/IP-based RPC service transport
svcudp_create --  create a UDP-based RPC service transport
swscanf -- convert formatted input
sysconf -- Get configuration information at runtime
system -- execute a shell command
textdomain -- set the current default message domain
unlink -- remove a directory entry
uselocale -- set locale for thread
utmpname -- set user accounting database
vasprintf -- write formatted output to a dynamically allocated string
vdprintf -- write formatted output to a file descriptor
verrx -- display formatted error message and exit
vfscanf -- convert formatted input
vfwscanf -- convert formatted input
vscanf -- convert formatted input
vsscanf -- convert formatted input
vswscanf -- convert formatted input
vsyslog -- log to system log
vwscanf -- convert formatted input
wait4 -- wait for process termination, BSD style
waitpid -- wait for child process
warn -- formatted error messages
warnx -- formatted error messages
wcpcpy -- copy a wide character string, returning a pointer to its end
wcpncpy -- copy a fixed-size string of wide characters, returning a pointer to its end
wcscasecmp -- compare two wide-character strings, ignoring case
wcsdup -- duplicate a wide-character string
wcsncasecmp -- compare two fixed-size wide-character strings, ignoring case
wcsnlen -- determine the length of a fixed-size wide-character string
wcsnrtombs -- convert a wide character string to a multi-byte string
wcstoq -- convert wide string to long long int representation
wcstouq -- convert wide string to unsigned long long int representation
wscanf -- convert formatted input
xdr_u_int -- library routines for external data representation
xdrstdio_create -- library routines for external data representation
13.6. Interfaces for libm
13.6.1. Math
13.7. Data Definitions for libm
13.7.1. complex.h
13.7.2. fenv.h
13.7.3. math.h
13.8. Interface Definitions for libm
__finite -- test for infinity
__finitef -- test for infinity
__finitel -- test for infinity
__fpclassify -- Classify real floating type
__fpclassifyf -- Classify real floating type
__signbit -- test sign of floating point value
__signbitf -- test sign of floating point value
clog10 -- Logarithm of a Complex Number
clog10f -- Logarithm of a Complex Number
clog10l -- Logarithm of a Complex Number
drem -- Floating Point Remainder (DEPRECATED)
dremf -- Floating Point Remainder (DEPRECATED)
dreml -- Floating Point Remainder (DEPRECATED)
exp10 -- Base-10 power function
exp10f -- Base-10 power function
exp10l -- Base-10 power function
fedisableexcept -- disable floating point exceptions
feenableexcept -- enable floating point exceptions
fegetexcept -- query floating point exception handling state
finite -- test for infinity (DEPRECATED)
finitef -- test for infinity (DEPRECATED)
finitel -- test for infinity (DEPRECATED)
gamma -- log gamma function (DEPRECATED)
gammaf -- log gamma function (DEPRECATED)
gammal -- log gamma function (DEPRECATED)
j0f -- Bessel functions
j0l -- Bessel functions
j1f -- Bessel functions
j1l -- Bessel functions
jnf -- Bessel functions
jnl -- Bessel functions
lgamma_r -- log gamma functions
lgammaf_r -- log gamma functions
lgammal_r -- log gamma functions
pow10 -- Base-10 power function
pow10f -- Base-10 power function
pow10l -- Base-10 power function
significand -- floating point mantissa
significandf -- floating point mantissa
significandl -- floating point mantissa
sincos -- trigonometric functions
sincosf -- trigonometric functions
sincosl -- trigonometric functions
y0f -- Bessel functions
y0l -- Bessel functions
y1f -- Bessel functions
y1l -- Bessel functions
ynf -- Bessel functions
ynl -- Bessel functions
13.9. Interfaces for libpthread
13.9.1. Realtime Threads
13.9.2. Advanced Realtime Threads
13.9.3. Posix Threads
13.9.4. Thread aware versions of libc interfaces
13.10. Data Definitions for libpthread
13.10.1. pthread.h
13.10.2. semaphore.h
13.11. Interface Definitions for libpthread
_pthread_cleanup_pop -- establish cancellation handlers
_pthread_cleanup_push -- establish cancellation handlers
13.12. Interfaces for libgcc_s
13.12.1. Unwind Library
13.13. Data Definitions for libgcc_s
13.13.1. unwind.h
13.14. Interfaces for libdl
13.14.1. Dynamic Loader
13.15. Data Definitions for libdl
13.15.1. dlfcn.h
13.16. Interface Definitions for libdl
dladdr -- find the shared object containing a given address
dlopen -- open dynamic object
dlsym -- obtain the address of a symbol from a dlopen object
13.17. Interfaces for librt
13.17.1. Shared Memory Objects
13.17.2. Clock
13.17.3. Timers
13.17.4. Message Queues
13.18. Data Definitions for librt
13.18.1. mqueue.h
13.19. Interfaces for libcrypt
13.19.1. Encryption
13.20. Interfaces for libpam
13.20.1. Pluggable Authentication API
13.21. Data Definitions for libpam
13.21.1. security/pam_appl.h
13.22. Interface Definitions for libpam
pam_acct_mgmt -- establish the status of a user's account
pam_authenticate -- authenticate the user
pam_chauthtok -- change the authentication token for a given user
pam_close_session -- indicate that an authenticated session has ended
pam_end -- terminate the use of the PAM library
pam_fail_delay -- specify delay time to use on authentication error
pam_get_item -- obtain the value of the indicated item.
pam_getenv -- get a PAM environment variable
pam_getenvlist -- returns a pointer to the complete PAM environment.
pam_open_session -- indicate session has started
pam_putenv -- Add, replace or delete a PAM environment variable
pam_set_item -- (re)set the value of an item.
pam_setcred -- set the module-specific credentials of the user
pam_start -- initialize the PAM library
pam_strerror -- returns a string describing the PAM error