Chapter 2. References

2.1. Normative References

The specifications listed below are referenced in whole or in part by the LSB-Desktop Module Standard. Such references may be normative or informative; a reference to specification shall only be considered normative if it is explicitly cited as such. The LSB-Desktop Module may make normative references to a portion of these specifications (that is, to define a specific function or group of functions); in such cases, only the explicitly referenced portion of the specification is to be considered normative.

Table 2-1. Normative References

ATK 1.9.0 Reference ManualATK 1.9.0 Reference Manual
Double Buffer Extension LibraryDouble Buffer Extension Library - Protocol Version 1.0
Fontconfig Developers ReferenceFontconfig Developers Reference, Version 2.3.0
Gdk 2.6.2 Reference ManualGdk 2.6.2 Reference Manual
Gdk-pixbuf 2.6.2 Reference ManualGdk-pixbuf 2.6.2 Reference Manual
Glib 2.6.2 Reference ManualGlib 2.6.2 Reference Manual
Gobject 2.6.2 Reference ManualGobject 2.6.2 Reference Manual
Gtk 2.6.2 Reference ManualGtk 2.6.2 Reference Manual
ISO C (1999)ISO/IEC 9899: 1999, Programming Languages --C
OpenGLOpenGL Application Binary Interface for Linux
Pango 1.8.0 Reference ManualPango 1.8.0 Reference Manual
Qt 3.3.6Qt 3.3.6 Reference Manual
Reference Manual for libxml2Reference Manual for libxml2
The MIT Shared Memory ExtensionMIT-SHM - The MIT Shared Memory Extension - X version 11, Release 5
X Display Power Management SignalingX Display Power Management Signaling (DPMS) Extension - Library Specificationi - Version 1.0
X Extended Visual Interface ExtensionExtended Visual Information Extension - Version 1.0
X Nonrectangular Window Shape Extension LibraryX Nonrectangular Window Shape Extension Library - Version 1.0
X Record Extension LibraryX Record Extension Library - Version 1.13
X Security Extension SpecificationSecurity Extension Specification - Version 7.1
X Synchronization Extension LibraryX Synchronization Extension Library - Version 3.0
X11 C LibraryXlib - C Language X Interface - X Version 11 Release 6.4
X11 Input LibraryX Input Device Extension Library - X Version 11, Release 6.4
X11 Inter-Client ExchangeInter-Client Exchange Library - Version 1.0
X11 Session ManagementX Session Management Library - Version 1.0
X11 Toolkit IntrinsicsX Toolkit Intrinsics - C Language Interface - X Version 11, Release 6.4