Chapter 22. Software Installation

22.1. Introduction

Applications shall either be packaged in the RPM packaging format as defined in this specification, or supply an installer which is LSB conforming (for example, calls LSB commands and utilities).

Note: Supplying an RPM format package is encouraged because it makes systems easier to manage. This specification does not require the implementation to use RPM as the package manager; it only specifies the format of the package file.

Applications are also encouraged to uninstall cleanly.

A package in RPM format may include a dependency on the LSB Core and other LSB specifications, as described in Section 22.6. Packages that are not in RPM format may test for the presence of a conforming implementation by means of the lsb_release utility.

Implementations shall provide a mechanism for installing applications in this packaging format with some restrictions listed below.

Note: The implementation itself may use a different packaging format for its own packages, and of course it may use any available mechanism for installing the LSB-conformant packages.