ELF Specification

Table of Contents
I. Low Level System Information
1. Operating System Interface
II. Object Format
2. Object Files
3. Sections
Sections Types
4. Special Sections
Special Sections
5. Symbol Mapping
Symbol Mapping
6. DWARF Extensions
7. EH Frame Header
DWARF Exception Header Encoding
8. Symbol Versioning
Symbol Version Table
Version Definitions
Version Requirements
Startup Sequence
Symbol Resolution
9. ABI note tag
III. Dynamic Linking
10. Program Loading and Dynamic Linking
11. Program Header
12. Dynamic Entries
Dynamic Entries
List of Tables
3-1. ELF Section Types
3-2. Additional Section Types
4-1. ELF Special Sections
4-2. Additional Special Sections
6-1. Additional DWARF Call Frame Instructions
7-1. .eh_frame_hdr Section Format
7-2. DWARF Exception Header value format
7-3. DWARF Exception Header application
11-1. Linux Segment Types
List of Figures
8-1. Version Definition Entries
8-2. Version Definition Auxiliary Entries
8-3. Version Needed Entries
8-4. Version Needed Auxiliary Entries