Chapter 10. Special Sections

Special Sections

Various sections hold program and control information. Sections in the lists bel ow are used by the system and have the indicated types and attributes.

ELF Special Sections

The following sections are defined in the System V Application Binary Interface - Intel386™ Architecture Processor Supplement, Fourth Edition.

Table 10-1. ELF Special Sections



This section holds the global offset table. See `Coding Examples' in Chapter 3, `Special Sections' in Chapter 4, and `Global Offset Table' in Chapter 5 of the processor supplement for more information.


This section holds the procedure linkage table.

Addition Special Sections

The following additional sections are defined here.

Table 10-2. Additional Special Sections



This section holds relocation information, as described in `Relocation'. These relocations are applied to the .dyn section.