Interfaces Definitions for libc

Table of Contents
_IO_feof -- alias for feof
_IO_getc -- alias for getc
_IO_putc -- alias for putc
_IO_puts -- alias for puts
__assert_fail -- abort the program after false assertion
__ctype_b -- array index for ctype functions
__ctype_get_mb_cur_max -- maximum length of a multibyte character in the current locale
__ctype_tolower -- convert uppercase letter to lowercase letter
__ctype_toupper -- convert lowercase letter to uppercase letter
__cxa_atexit -- register a function to be called by exit or when a shared library is unloaded
__daylight -- global variable containing daylight
__dcgettext -- used by dcgettext in the translation to look up the MSGID in the DOMAINNAME message catalog for the current locale
__environ -- alias for environ - user environment
__errno_location -- address of errno variable
__fpending -- returns in bytes the amount of output pending on a stream
__getpagesize -- alias for getpagesize - get current page size
__getpgid -- get the process group id
__h_errno_location -- address of h_errno variable
__libc_current_sigrtmax -- return number of available real-time signal with lowest priority
__libc_current_sigrtmin -- return number of available real-time signal with highest priority
__libc_start_main -- initialization routine
__lxstat -- inline wrapper around call to lxstat
__mempcpy -- copy given number of bytes of source to destination
__rawmemchr -- scan memory
__sigsetjmp -- save stack context for non-local goto
__stpcpy -- copy a string returning a pointer to its end
__strdup -- alias for strdup
__strtod_internal -- underlying function for strtod
__strtof_internal -- underlying function for strtof
__strtok_r -- alias for strtok_r
__strtol_internal -- alias for strtol
__strtold_internal -- underlying function for strtold
__strtoll_internal -- underlying function for strtoll
__strtoul_internal -- underlying function for strtoul
__strtoull_internal -- underlying function for strtoull
__sysconf -- get configuration information at runtime
__sysv_signal -- signal handling
__timezone -- global variable containing timezone
__tzname -- global variable containing the timezone
__wcstod_internal -- underlying function for wcstod
__wcstof_internal -- underlying function for wcstof
__wcstol_internal -- underlying function for wcstol
__wcstold_internal -- underlying function for wcstold
__wcstoul_internal -- underlying function for wcstoul
__xmknod -- make block or character special file
__xstat -- provide inode information
__xstat64 -- provide inode information
_environ -- alias for environ - user environment
_nl_msg_cat_cntr -- variable defined in loadmsgcat.c which gets incremented every time a new catalog is loaded
_obstack_begin -- initialize an obstack for use
_obstack_newchunk -- allocate a new current chunk of memory for the obstack
_sys_errlist -- array containing the "C" locale strings used by strerror()
_sys_siglist -- array containing the names of the signal names
acct -- switch process accounting on or off
adjtime -- correct the time to allow synchronization of the system clock
adjtimex -- tune kernel clock
alphasort -- compare two directory entries alphabetically (LSB deprecated)
alphasort64 -- compare two directory entries alphabetically (LSB deprecated)
bindresvport -- bind socket to privileged IP port
cfmakeraw -- get and set terminal attributes
cfsetspeed -- manipulate the termios structure
daemon -- run in the background
err -- display formatted error messages
error -- print error message
errx -- format error messages
flock -- apply or remove an advisory lock on an open file
fstatfs -- get file system statistics
fwprintf -- formatted wide character output conversion
getdomainname -- get NIS domain name.
gethostbyname -- get network host entry
gethostbyname_r -- find network host database entry matching host name
getloadavg -- get system load averages
getopt -- parse command line options
getopt_long -- parse command line options
getopt_long_only -- parse command line options
getprotobyname -- get protocol entry
getprotoent -- get protocol entry
getpwnam_r -- reentrant version of getpwnam
getservbyname -- get service entry
getservent -- get service entry
gettext -- look up MSGID in the current default message catalog for the current LC_MESSAGES locale
getutent -- access utmp file entries
getutent_r -- access utmp file entries
glob64 -- find pathnames matching a pattern (Large File Support)
globfree64 -- free memory from glob64() (Large File Support)
initgroups -- initialize the supplementary group access list
isblank -- character classification routine
iswblank -- test for whitespace wide character
iswctype -- wide character classification
kill -- send a signal
mbsnrtowcs -- convert a multibyte string to a wide character string
memmem -- locate a substring
memrchr -- scan memory for a character
obstack_free -- free an object in the obstack
opterr -- external variable used in getopt()
optind -- external variable used in getopt()
optopt -- external variable used in getopt()
psignal -- print signal message
random_r -- generate random number
setbuffer -- stream buffering operation
setdomainname -- set NIS domain name.
setegid -- set effective group ID
setenv -- change or add an environment variable
seteuid -- set effective user ID
setgroups -- set list of supplementary group IDs
sethostid -- set the unique identifier of the current host
sethostname -- set host name
setmntent -- get file system descriptor file entry
setutent -- access utmp file entries
sigandset -- build a new signal set by combining the two input sets using logical AND
sigblock -- manipulate the signal mask
siggetmask -- manipulate the signal mask
sigisemptyset -- signal function - check for empty SET
sigorset -- build a new signal set by combining the two input sets using logical OR
sigreturn -- return from signal handler and cleanup stack frame
statfs -- get file system statistics
stime -- set time
stpcpy -- copy a string returning a pointer to its end
stpncpy -- copy a fixed-size string, returning a pointer to its end
strcasestr -- locate a substring - ignores the case of both strings
strerror_r -- reentrant version of strerror
strfry -- randomize a string
strndup -- return a malloc'd copy of at most the specified number of bytes of a string
strnlen -- determine the length of a fixed-size string
strptime -- parse a time string
strsep -- extract token from string
strsignal -- return string describing signal
strtok_r -- extract tokens from strings
strtoq -- convert string value to a long or quad_t integer
strtouq -- convert a string to an uquad_t
strverscmp -- compare strings holding name and indices/version numbers
system -- execute a shell command
unlink -- remove a directory entry
unsetenv -- delete an environment variable
vasprintf -- write formatted output to a string dynamically allocated with malloc and store the address of the string
vdprintf -- write formatted output to a file descriptor
verrx -- display formatted error messages
vsyslog -- log to system log
wait4 -- wait for process termination, BSD style
warn -- formatted error messages
warnx -- formatted error messages
wcpcpy -- copy a wide character string, returning a pointer to its end
wcpncpy -- copy a fixed-size string of wide characters, returning a pointer to its end
wcscasecmp -- compare two wide-character strings, ignoring case
wcsdup -- duplicate a wide-character string
wcsncasecmp -- compare two fixed-size wide-character strings, ignoring case
wcsnlen -- determine the length of a fixed-size wide-character string
wcsnrtombs -- convert a wide character string to a multi-byte string
wcstoq -- convert initial portion of wide string NPTR to long int representation
wcstouq -- convert initial portion of wide string NPTR to unsigned long long int representation