Linux Standard Base Specification for the IA32 Architecture 1.1.0

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Table of Contents
I. Introduction
1. Introduction
Related Standards
Related Implementations
Relevant Libraries
How to Use this Standard
II. Low Level System Information
2. Machine Interface
Processor Architecture
Data Representation
3. Function Calling Sequence
CPU Registers
Floating Point Registers
Stack Frame
Return Values
4. Operating System Interface
Virtual Address Space
Processor Execution Mode
Exception Interface
Signal Delivery
5. Process Initialization
Special Registers
Process Stack (on entry)
Auxilliary Vectors
6. Coding Examples
Code Model Overview/Architecture Constraints
Position-Independent Fucntion Prologue
Data Objects
Function Calls
7. C Stack Frame
Variable Argument List
Dynamic Allocation of Stack Space
8. Debug Information
III. Object Format
9. ELF Header
Machine Information
10. Sections
Special Sections
Linux Special Sections
Section Types
Section Attribute Flags
Special Section Types
11. Symbol Table
12. Relocation
Relocation Types
IV. Program Loading and Dynamic Linking
13. Program Header
14. Program Loading
15. Dynamic Linking
Program Intepreter/Dynamic Linker
Dynamic Section
Global Offset Table
Shared Object Dependencies
Function Addresses
Procedure Linkage Table
Initialization and Termination Functions
V. Base Libraries
16. Libraries
Interfaces for libc
Data Definitions for libc
Interfaces Definitions for libc
Interfaces for libm
Data Definitions for libm
A. Alphabetical Listing of Interfaces
List of Tables
1-1. Related Standards
1-2. Related Implementations
1-3. Relevant Libraries
2-1. Scalar Types
16-1. libc Definition
16-2. libc - Standard Library Function Interfaces
16-3. libc - Language Support Function Interfaces
16-4. libm Definition
A-1. libc Function Interfaces